Lucius Sestius Quirinalis Albinianus

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Coin of Lucius Sestius Quirinalis Albinianus

Lucius Sestius Quirinalis Albinianus was a proquaestor of Marcus Iunius Brutus and a suffect consul in 23 BC. Albinianus was a son of Publius Sestius. During the excavations of the villa in Settefinestre, which belonged to Albinianus' parents, a stamped potteries with the letters LS, attributed to his initials, have been revealed.[1]

Literary sources credit him with the dedication of three arae (altars) of the Imperial cult in north-west Hispania, at some time around 19 BC.[2]

Albinianus was also a friend of Horace and was the subject of one of his odes.

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Preceded by
Potitus Valerius Messala
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire with Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso
23 BC
Succeeded by
Marcus Vinicius