Lucius Vipstanus Gallus

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Lucius Vipstanus Gallus (c. 15 BC - 17) was a Roman politician who was the father of two Roman consuls.


A member of a family which originated from the Aequi who were enrolled in the tribe Claudia,[1] and who first came to prominence during the reign of Tiberius, Vipstanus Gallus reached the office of Praetor in AD 17, the year of his death.

He married Valeria Messalla, a daughter of Marcus Valerius Messalla Messallinus and Claudia Marcella Minor, thereby marrying into the imperial family. They probably had two sons, both consular: Lucius Vipstanus Poplicola and Gaius Vipstanus Messalla Gallus.[2]


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