Lucius Vitellius the Younger

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Lucius Vitellius Novis or the Younger (c. AD 16 – 11 July 69) was a Roman who lived in the 1st century. He was the second son of Lucius Vitellius the elder and Sextilia and younger brother of emperor Aulus Vitellius.

He served a six-month suffect consulship in 48. His first wife in 46 or 47 was Roman noble woman Junia Calvina, a descendant of Emperor Augustus, but they divorced before 49. His second wife was a Roman woman called Triaria. He had no issue from either of his marriages.

Lucius became deputy proconsul of African for his brother between 61-62. After his brother’s short reign as Emperor, he was forced to give up the few cohorts he commanded at Tarracina (having stormed and taken the city with said cohorts towards the end of his brother's reign) and was hanged along with his brother and nephew on orders of Vespasian's supporters on 11 July 69.