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Lucker the Necrophagous
Lucker Poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Johan Vandewoestijne
Produced by Flip Beys
André Coppens
Johan Vandewoestijne
Written by Johan Vandewoestijne
Screenplay by John Kupferschmidt
Johan Vandewoestijne
Story by Johan Vandewoestijne
Starring Nick Van Suyt
Music by Marc Ickx
Patrick Xosmox
Cinematography John Kupferschmidt
Edited by Johan Vandewoestijne
V.D.S. Films
Desert Productions
Distributed by VDS Video
BDM Distribution
Release date
  • 1986 (1986) (Belgium)
Running time
74 minutes
68 minutes (Director's Cut)
Country Belgium
Language English
Budget BEF 30,000

Lucker the Necrophagous is a 1986 horror film written and directed by Johan Vandewoestijne, and co-written by John Kupferschmidt.


John Lucker, a psychotic man who killed and raped the bodies of eight women, falls into a coma after trying to slit his own throat while being moved from one mental institution to another. Lucker is placed in a private clinic where he awakens, murders an orderly and takes the man's clothes. Lucker exits the clinic and hijacks the orderly's car after killing the man's girlfriend and having sex with her body. The next morning, Lucker listens to a radio broadcast discussing his escape, and Cathy Jordan, a woman who survived being taken captive and tortured by Lucker three years ago. Lucker abandons his stolen car and walks into town while having flashbacks to his time with Cathy, which excite him to the point of prompting him to disembowel a female jogger in a parking garage.

Using a public phonebook and map, Lucker pinpoints Cathy's current address, which he gains entry to by soliciting a prostitute who lives there. Once in the building, Lucker shackles the hooker to her bed, stabs her in the throat and takes up residence in her apartment, which he spies on Cathy from. One month after killing the prostitute, Lucker has sex with her severely decomposed corpse, cuts it up, places the pieces in garbage bags and goes to throw them out. On the way out, Lucker runs into Cathy's boyfriend who he strangles and bludgeons while two women enter the building to visit the prostitute. After disposing of one of the hooker's friends and capturing the other, Lucker goes to Cathy's apartment and captures her as well.

While Lucker rants and thrashes about, he guts the prostitute's other friend in front of Cathy. Cathy manages to escape the chair she is tied to and stabs Lucker in the back with his own knife. The wounded Lucker chases Cathy through the building and is seemingly killed when Cathy shoves him down the elevator shaft. However, as the credits roll, a recovered Lucker is shown walking out of the building.


  • Nick Van Suyt as John Lucker
  • Helga Vandevelde as Cathy Jordan
  • Carry Van Middel as Nurse
  • Frank Van Laecke as Bobby
  • Let Jodts as Hooker
  • Freek Neirynck as Bartender
  • Martine Scherre as Girl in Jogging
  • Tony Castillo as Dealer
  • John Edwards as Boyfriend

DVD release[edit]

The film was released on DVD by Synapse Films in 2008, and contained the original 74 minute version of the film, a new 68 minute Director's Cut, and a featurette entitled Lucker: The Story Behind the Film.[1]


Bloodtype Online praised Nick Van Suyt's performance and the soundtrack, and called the film "repulsive and groundbreaking" despite its simplicity.[2] That website awarded the film a two and a half, as did Brutal as Hell, which described Lucker as "one of the most sickening, grotesque, and disturbing films in the history of horror" despite the weak story.[3]

The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre referred to Lucker as a "boring sick movie" and categorized it as "Worthless".[4] A two out of seven was given by Independent Flicks, which criticized the acting, camerawork, and editing, and stated that overall the film was amateurish, boring and poorly done.[5]


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