Lucky Bastards

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Lucky Bastards
Studio album by Peter Pan Speedrock
Released May 24, 2003
Genre Punk rock, Hard rock
Length 32:50
Label Suburban Records, Bitzcore Records
Producer Kurt Bloch
Peter Pan Speedrock chronology
Speedrock Chartbusters Vol.1
(2002)Speedrock Chartbusters Vol.12002
Lucky Bastards
Loud, Mean, Fast and Dirty
(2004)Loud, Mean, Fast and Dirty2004

Lucky Bastards is the fifth studio album by the Dutch rockband 'Peter Pan Speedrock'.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Surfwrecker"
  2. "Go Satan Go"
  3. "Killerspeed"
  4. "Back In The City"
  5. "Knuckleboys"
  6. "Dead End"
  7. "Twist Of Fate"
  8. "Smokin' Ass"
  9. "Black Beauty '69"
  10. "Always Drunk, Always Loud, Always Right!"
  11. "Lone Star City"
  12. "Lucky Bastards"
  13. "Bitch On Wheels"

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