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Lucky Fred
Lucky Fred.JPG
Genre Animation
Science Fiction
Created by Myriam Ballesteros
Directed by Evan Gore (story editor)
Pepo Salazar (art director)
Voices of USA/CAN:
Kevin Dilau
Minerva Botersog
Peter McSaw
Dee Bradley Baker
Ian Hanlin
Josh Mandelórrman
Jessica Delscom
Brad Abrell
Rupert Degas
Elizabeth Sankey
Paul Kaye
Jules de Jongh
David Max Freedman
Beth Chalmers
Theme music composer John Gladstone Smith
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (Season 1)
104 (Season 2)
Producer(s) Imira Entertainment
Running time 12 minutes
Distributor Imira Entertainment (mostly)
Top Draw Animation (Asia excluding Japan)
Mango Distribution (Australia and New Zealand)
Oasis Animation (Canada, only in Quebec)
Original network Disney Channel
Original release November 1, 2011 (2011-11-01) – present
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Lucky Fred

Lucky Fred is a Spanish animated series created by Myriam Ballesteros and co-produced by Imira Entertainment, Televisió de Catalunya, RAI Fiction in Italy, and Top Draw Animation in the Philippines. It aired in Disney Channel (Spain) and Nickelodeon (Latin America) on November 1, 2011 and Nickelodeon Philippines on February 18, 2012. A sequel is being produced to the first season.


Fred is a 15-year-old boy who was walking one day and saw a robot crash, which will turn into any electronical device Fred could ever imagine. Friday, the robot, was supposed to belong to Fred's next door neighbor Braianna Robeaux, a.k.a. top secret agent Brains, who Fred helps to protect the planet.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Fred: Frederick "Fred" Luckpuig (Kevin Dilau/Rupert Degas): is a 13 year old boy, high school student, optimistic, cheerful and enthusiastic. An impulsive and social boy. Like most young people his age, Fred prefers to take the easy way out, or the coolest way, when it comes to solving difficult problems, especially if it's about school. He always gives the best if he wants to impress his friends, or the girl he likes. Fred has confidence in himself and is loyal to his friends Brianna and Friday. Sometimes, when panic strikes him, he becomes really nervous and can not make a decision. Fred always used to have a lot of bad luck, until one day, the ANIQUILAITOR 9-0-9-0-9-0-9, the robot with the most advanced technology of all came to into his life. Fred nicknamed him Friday, maybe in reference to Friday the 13th, which although it is usually a bad day, gave Fred a lot of luck. His special characteristic is that he always carries two dice in his hand. One white and one black, which he uses to make decisions ("Unfortunate Fred"). His phrase is "Sweet corn" and is in love with Nora, a girl in his class. Obviously, Fred is not the most appropriate person to take care of a powerful robot like Friday. Unfortunately, Fred can not turn his back on him, and even if he could, he would not. And Fred loves his robot friend and carefully looks after him. He really enjoys being with him. Can there be anything more fun than a transformer-robot that can become an awesome 4x4 car for mud racing? Or anything more practical than a friend capable of becoming a drill when you feel like going under the earth's crust?
  • Braianna / Agent Brains (Minerva Botersog/Elizabeth Sankey): Braianna is Fred's neighbor and her best friend, who hides a great secret. She is, in fact, "Agent Brains", member of "The Protectors". Brains is the Protector assigned to Earth and its mission is to reject any alien threat, before it is detected by the population. Agent Brains is amazing. She is academically brilliant, humble and cultured. She is agile and strong as an Olympic gymnast with a black belt in every single martial art throughout the galaxy, having been taught at the Academy of Protectors where she trained and learned everything except how to be a normal girl . Now that she has been assigned to be on Earth, she has to make an effort to pose as "Braianna Robeaux", a clumsy nerdy girl almost invisible, with bad attendance and bad grades. All teachers think that Brianna does not try hard enough. When she becomes Brains, she has self-confidence and proves to be a real expert in robotic engineering and science. However, while at school, she feels insecure and unable to comprehend the nuances of enigmatic human relationships. Deep down, Brains would like to be like any other girl. She is the daughter of the Super Commander, and although they do not spend much time together (because you can see that he is always on a ship in space) Braianna loves him very much. Normally he calls it "Super Commander" but sometimes she slips and calls him simply "Dad". To keep their secret, they use RoboParents, named Robert and Roberta, who are some crazy robots. Her relationship with Fred is just friendship. But you can see that sometimes, when Fred talks to Nora she gets angry or upset with him ("Not ready for combat" and "You have a Fred-mail"). Although she fights against big and fearsome aliens in "Ardillofobia" it is revealed that she has a fear of squirrels, but she seems to get over it thanks to the help of Fred and Friday.
  • Friday (Peter McSaw/Paul Kaye): His real name is Aniquilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-9. Friday is a shape-shifting robot capable of turning into anything Fred wants. He's usually something fun, like a flying backpack or a pair of basketball shoes that make Fred able to do a slam dunk. Friday loves to go to school with Fred hidden in his backpack, transformed into a watch, or an mp3 player. Friday obeys the orders of Fred like his little brother, doing everything he says with enthusiasm. Friday is like a big boy - enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient and playful. For Friday, every day on this strange planet called Earth is a party and he explores the world of Fred like a kid in a candy store. Friday is a very sophisticated machine, but he has his weaknesses. For example, if he gets wet, he may short-circuit and behave unexpectedly, or if he gets too close to a magnet, his memory will be badly damaged. Friday was conceived as a powerful weapon for the protection of Earth and programmed to obey only the voice of its master, which was meant to be Brains. When Friday was sent to the Earth, a small accident made it so he stayed with Fred, instead of landing on the platform of Brains' place. However, Brains' father, the Commander of "The Protectors," still believes that everything went as planned and that the Annihilator is still under the control of Brains.
  • Commander (Dee Bradley Baker/Rupert Degas): The Commander (Super Commander) is the leader of "The Protectors" and the father of Brains. All the time he's in the space at the base of the Protectors. He is in charge of informing Brains of all her missions, but his other work is unknown at the moment. He does not know that Friday belongs to Fred, because Brains is afraid he will get angry if he finds out. So on several occasions he suggests using Friday.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Sir Percival (Dee Bradley Baker/Jules de Jongh): He is one of Fred's classmates and was his best friend before Friday arrived. Like everyone around Fred, he does not know about Friday's existence and has no idea of Braianna's secret identity. He is of Asian origin but he seems to be a citizen of the "Cool City". He does hip-hop poses, likes technology a lot and is a Don Juan. He likes to move his bones to the rhythm in his soul.
  • Eddie (Ian Hanlin/David Max Freedman): Eddie is one of Fred's classmates, and also one of his best friends. He is from Africa, with the hair rastafari style, a yellow headband, a white shirt with green edges with his initial engraved on top of a red shirt. He wears beige cropped pants and salmon shoes. He's a good person. He helps the poor and is an athlete – nobody skates like him – and he can play any instrument. He loves yoga and Tai-chi, and speaks a little of several languages. And if that's not enough, he has the highest grades in school.
  • Thomas (Kevin Dilau/Rupert Degas): Thomas is one of Fred's companions, and one of his best friends. He is a football fan, he is not very intelligent and he is always confused. For example, in "Close Shave", he thinks the captains of the Barbary Coast are football players. He's enthusiastic, and it's fun to be with him. He is always the last to understand the ironic jokes or comments of his peers ... if he ever does. In spite of everything, his innocence makes him as a good guy.
  • Nora (Minerva Botersog/Jules de Jongh): She's the girl Fred is in love with. She is beautiful, when she is near, Fred acts silly. Although Fred has not noticed, she has noticed. If Fred only behaved like a normal person for a second, maybe everything would be much easier for both of them. Nora is a classmate and romantic interest of Fred. She often influences what Fred does by telling him what she thinks about something, which causes Fred to try to impress her.
  • Mort (Peter McSaw/Elizabeth Sankey): (Morton Botswadel) is a companion of Fred. He is very short compared to the others. He is Corky's older brother and works for the school newspaper. He is very presumptuous, so he is not well liked by others in the class (especially Braianna, who can not stand it). He always boasts of his good grades at school, writes articles about himself and almost always makes people look bad. He's a redhead and he wears glasses. He wears a light blue t-shirt under a purple vest, always wearing a bow-tie, red pants and very dark red shoes.
  • Corky (Minerva Botersog/Jules de Jongh): She is Mort's younger sister. Corky is a problem child. She is accustomed to making negative comments in class. She is not very attractive, but thinks that she is the most beautiful girl and that the boys go crazy for her. She dresses really out of fashion, but she thinks she's an icon of elegance and thinks herself better than all. She is Mort's younger sister. She bears a strong resemblance to her brother both physically and psychologically. She is redheaded, uses two long ponytails. She wears a purple shirt, a purple skirt, and wears glasses.
  • Wally K (Josh Mandelórrman/Rupert Degas): Wally K. is one of Fred's classmates. He is the typical bully boy, big and not very bright. He is the most active of all thugs in the city. Fred tries to stay away from him, but without knowing how, always ends up being one of his favorite goals. He has an average of D. Apparently he does not get along well with teachers either. It is also seen that he mocks everything, which can be seen in "Shave Shaved" where he mocks Fred's mustache. In "Mamá Robot" it is seen that he is looking for Fred to laugh in front of him for the bad party that gave. In "The Boy of Time" makes fun of Fred and Brianna for having winter coats on the beach.


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