Lucky Seven (Rockapella album)

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Lucky Seven
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Studio album by
GenreA Cappella
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Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven is the second and sixth studio album released in North America and Japan, respectively, by the a cappella group Rockapella. As the name suggests, it is the seventh overall studio album by the group. While the Japanese version was awaiting release in the fall of 1996 on ForLife Records, the group independently released it in the United States beginning that summer to be sold at concerts and via mail order. The Japanese version, titled Lucky Seven: Memories and Dreams, has different artwork, a different track order, and three more songs than the US version. This album is also the last album with Rockapella's founding member Sean Altman before his departure from the group.

This album is the only one of Rockapella's to indicate that all percussion was performed by Jeff Thacher "without the aid of electronic sampling, sequencing, or synthesis" in the disclaimer located on the CD insert.

Track listings[edit]

US Edition[edit]

1."I Am Your Man"Scott Leonard3:05
2."I Walk With You"Sean Altman, Billy Straus3:44
3."Lisa, I Love You"Scott Leonard2:56
4."[Sittin' On] The Dock of the Bay"Otis Redding, Steve Cropper2:42
5."Daisy Simone"Sean Altman3:51
6."Up On The Roof"Gerry Goffin, Carole King2:42
7."77"Scott Leonard2:55
8."Surfer Girl"Brian Wilson2:41
9."Stand By Me"Ben E. King, Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber3:10
10."Let's Get Away From It All"Tom Adair, Matt Dennis2:15
11."I'll Hear Your Voice"Scott Leonard4:30
Lucky Seven: Memories and Dreams (Japan Edition)
Rockapella Lucky Seven Memories and Dreams.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 21, 1996
GenreA Cappella
LabelForLife Records
Singles from Lucky Seven: Memories and Dreams
  1. "ダンス天国 [Land Of A Thousand Dances]"
    Released: September 20, 1996

Japan Edition[edit]

1."Lisa, I Love You"  
2."[Sittin' On] The Dock of the Bay"  
3."I'm Waiting"Sean Altman3:18
4."Surfer Girl"  
6."Let's Get Away From It All"  
7."I Am Your Man"  
8."I Walk With You"  
9."Stand By Me"  
10."Daisy Simone"  
11."Up On The Roof"  
12."Love Me Tender"Elvis Presley, Vera Matson3:04
13."Land of a Thousand Dances"Chris Kenner, Antoine "Fats" Domino Jr.3:10
14."I'll Hear Your Voice"