Lucy (Maaya Sakamoto album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 28, 2001
LabelVictor Entertainment
ProducerYoko Kanno
Maaya Sakamoto chronology
Single Collection+ Hotchpotch
Easy Listening
Singles from Lucy
  1. "Mameshiba"
    Released: December 16, 2000

Lucy is Maaya Sakamoto's third studio album.[1] In addition to writing the lyrics of seven of the songs, she added her own acoustic guitar playing to the mix of several tracks.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Yoko Kanno.

CD (VICL-60702)
1."Lucy" (Instrumental) 1:45
2."Mameshiba (マメシバ)" (Earth Girl Arjuna opening theme song)Maaya Sakamoto6:09
3."Strobe no Sora (ストロボの空, Sky of Strobes)"Maaya Sakamoto5:03
4."Alkaloid (アルカロイド)"Maaya Sakamoto4:12
5."Koucha (紅茶, Black Tea)"Maaya Sakamoto5:33
6."Kinobori to Akai Skirt (木登りと赤いスカート, Tree-climbing and a Red Skirt)"Yūho Iwasato5:37
7."Life Is Good"Tim Jensen4:15
8."Honey Bunny"Maaya Sakamoto5:11
9."T-Shirt (Tシャツ)"Maaya Sakamoto6:16
10."Kuuki to Hoshi (空気と星, Air and Stars)" (Earth Girl Arjuna fourth episode ending theme song)Yūho Iwasato5:22
11."Rule: Iro Asenai Hibi (色褪せない日々, Rule: Every Day That Doesn't Lose Colour)"Yūho Iwasato5:31
12."Watashi wa Oka no Ue kara Kabin wo Nageru (私は丘の上から花瓶を投げる, I Throw a Vase from Atop the Hill)"Maaya Sakamoto4:45
Total length:59:44


Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly Albums 16[2] 43,080


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