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For the teacher and missionary in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, see Lucy Margaret Baker.
Lucy Baker
Created by Robert MaxwellJack Wrather
Portrayed by Pamelyn Ferdin

Lucy Baker is a fictional child character in the final two syndicated seasons of the long-running American television series, Lassie (1954-1973). The character was portrayed by Pamelyn Ferdin.[1]

Lucy is a twelve-year-old girl who is deaf. She and her mother are neighbors to the Holden Ranch, a home for troubled children which is the focus of the show. Lucy makes her debut in a three-part story that closes the 1972 season. There, Lucy despairs when her pet wolf is killed. She slowly recovers from her great grief by tending abused and neglected animals in a nearby animal shelter.[2] In the following season, Lucy has a few adventures before her hearing is surgically restored in a three-part story.[3]

The last two syndicated seasons in which Lucy appeared were not considered critical or popular successes.[4]


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