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Lucy Burns Institute
Motto "Connecting people to politics"
Formation 2006
Type Educational
Legal status Non-profit
Purpose "To empower our audience to engage in democracy by delivering exceptionally high quality information."[1]
Headquarters 8383 Greenway Blvd S.600
Coordinates 43°03′59″N 89°23′20″W / 43.0665°N 89.3888°W / 43.0665; -89.3888Coordinates: 43°03′59″N 89°23′20″W / 43.0665°N 89.3888°W / 43.0665; -89.3888
Region served
United States
Leslie Graves
Key people
Board of Directors:
Tim Dunn
Affiliations Ballotpedia
Revenue (2013)

The Lucy Burns Institute (LBI) is an American nonprofit, nonpartisan[4][5] educational organization. Founded in 2006, LBI publishes Ballotpedia, an online wiki-style encyclopedia about the U.S. political and judicial systems.[6][7][8] Per the non-profit's 2012 tax return, the organization grew in revenues from $20k in 2008 to $1,578,000 in 2012 and raised $3.98 million in total over those five years.[9]


LBI was founded in December 2006 by the group's current president, Leslie Graves.[3][10][11] The group is named after Lucy Burns, co-founder of the National Woman's Party.[12] The group is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. LBI publishes Ballotpedia, an online wiki-style encyclopedias about American politics and the American judiciary. It covers the U.S. Congress, state executive officials, state legislatures, ballot measures, recall elections, school board elections, candidate ballot access, public policy, municipal government, federal and state judiciaries.[12][13] Ballotpedia has been referenced in Politico,[14] the Washington Times,[15] the Wall Street Journal,[16] the Washington Post,[17] the Chicago Tribune,[7] the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,[18] and Bloomberg Businessweek.[19]

The Wall Street Journal described Ballotpedia as "a nonpartisan organization that collects election data."[20] According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Ballotpedia publishes "nonprofit wiki encyclopedias that use nonpartisan collaboration to gather political info for sharing."[21] The Las Vegas Review-Journal described LBI as "a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that promotes education about local government."[22]


In 2012, LBI published a study analyzing the quality of official state voter guides based on six criteria. According to the study, only nine states were rated “excellent” or “very good," while 24 states received a “fair” or “poor” rating.[4]

LBI published a guide called Local Ballot Initiatives: How Citizens Change Laws with Clipboards, Conversations, and Campaigns, in November 2012. The booklet provides an overview of how individual citizens can use the initiative process at the local level.[citation needed]

In May 2014, the Center for American Progress used Ballotpedia data to analyze the immigration policy stances of Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives.[23]


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