Lucy Hannah

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Lucy Hannah
Born (1875-07-16)July 16, 1875
Linden, Alabama, United States
Died March 21, 1993(1993-03-21)
(aged 117 years, 248 days)
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Ethnicity African American
Children 8

Lucy Hannah (née Terrell;[1] July 16, 1875 – March 21, 1993) was an American supercentenarian. Hannah is the oldest ever verified person born in the U.S. state of Alabama,[2] the second-oldest person ever from the United States and the world's third-oldest verified person ever, after Jeanne Calment and Sarah Knauss.


At Hannah's death, she claimed to be one year older but further investigation by the Social Security Administration's "Kestenbaum" study in 2003 proved that her age at death was actually 117 years and 248 days.[3] She was never the world's oldest person (the oldest person to never hold that distinction), since Jeanne Calment of France was still alive at the time of her death.[3]

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