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Lucy Mangan (born 1974) is a British journalist and author. She is a columnist, features writer and TV critic for The Guardian.[1] Her writing revolves around feminism.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Early life and education[edit]

Mangan grew up in Catford, south east London, but both her parents were originally from Lancashire.[9] She studied English at Cambridge University and qualified as a solicitor, but worked instead in a bookshop until she found a work experience placement at The Guardian in 2003.[9][10]


Mangan writes a regular column, TV reviews and occasional features at The Guardian. Her book My Family and other Disasters (2009) is a collection of her newspaper columns. She has also written books about her childhood and her wedding.[9][10]

Mangan also has a regular column for Stylist magazine[11] and has been a judge for the BookTrust Roald Dahl Funny Prize.[12]


Hopscotch & Handbags was reviewed by Spiked as "Handbags and Hopscotch will not disappoint Mangan’s fans. It is souped-up, satin-sheet, five-star bilge – with lots and lots of lovely exaggeration, jokes and stylistic quirks." and "I can’t say I’ve ever found the experience of being a girl ‘so appalling’ that I have to retreat to the woods to howl – but reading Mangan’s book brings me close. Forget childbirth and Brazilian waxing, if you want a truly agonising female experience flick through Hopscotch and Handbags."[13]

The Reluctant Bride was called "outrageously frank, brilliantly entertaining and laugh-out-loud" by the Lancashire Evening Post[14]

My Family and other Disasters was described by The Bookbag as "the kind of book to take on holiday, to dip into at random moments".[15]

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Inside Charlie's Chocolate Factory was reviewed by the San Diego Book Review as "This is a book which must accompany viewing whichever platform your heart connects to Charlie, the boy we all dreamed we could be, befriend so we too could enjoy the spoils of the candy forest and meet the Umpa Lumpas first hand."[16]


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