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Lucy Ward
Background information
Born (1989-12-12) 12 December 1989 (age 29)
Derby, Derbyshire, England
GenresFolk, singer-songwriter
Instrumentsvocals, guitar, harmonium, concertina, percussion, banjo
LabelsNavigator Records; Betty Beetroot

Lucy Victoria Ward (born 12 December 1989)[citation needed] is a British singer-songwriter from Derby. She performs, with a voice described as expressive and powerful,[nb 1] traditional English folk songs as well as her own material. Her three albums, Adelphi Has to Fly, Single Flame and I Dreamt I Was a Bird, have been critically acclaimed and have each received four-starred reviews in the British national press.[1][2][3][4]

Early life and education[edit]

The youngest of six children,[5] Lucy Ward grew up in Littleover, Derbyshire.[6] She went to St Peter's Junior School in Littleover, and Littleover Community School.[5] She started playing guitar and wrote her first song at the age of 14, and soon afterwards performed live for the first time.[5] After performing at open mic nights across the Midlands she put her name forward for the BBC Young Folk Awards at the age of 18, and two years later signed a contract with Navigator Records.[5]

Professional career[edit]

Adelphi Has to Fly[edit]

On Adelphi Has to Fly, which is produced by Stu Hanna from Megson, Lucy Ward is accompanied by Sam Pegg, Belinda O'Hooley and Heidi Tidow from O'Hooley & Tidow and by Debbie and Stu Hanna.

The songs on the album include: "Stitch in Time" by Mike Waterson; "Maids When You're Young", a traditional song which was popularised by The Dubliners; Child ballad "The Two Sisters"; and "Death (Rock Me to Sleep)", based on a poem said to have been written by Anne Boleyn,[nb 2] set to a tune by Lucy Ward. "Alice in the Bacon Box", a song written by Ward in the style of a traditional folk song, tells the story of Derbyshire hermit Alice Grace (1867–1927) from Little Eaton who, on being evicted from her cottage, lived in a box previously used for storing bacon, which had been given to her by the local butcher.[7][1][8][9]

The album was critically acclaimed[7] and received a four-starred review in The Guardian.[3]

Single Flame[edit]

On 7 August 2013, in a concert at St Pancras Old Church, London, she launched her second album, Single Flame. Produced by Stu Hanna, it was released by Navigator Records on 19 August 2013.[10] The album includes "For the Dead Men", a self-penned protest song, which was released as a single in January 2012 coupled with a remixed version of "Maids When You’re Young". This was again produced by Stu Hanna, who also performs on the two tracks, with his wife Debbie Hanna providing backing vocals.

In a four-starred review for The Guardian, Robin Denselow said that Lucy Ward "proves to be an even more mature and thoughtful singer-songwriter than she was on Adelphi Has to Fly" and described her follow-up album as "impressive and original" and "a brooding, often angry set that deals with everything from politics to love, death and personal tragedy, with a couple of powerful traditional songs added in".[2]

I Dreamt I Was a Bird[edit]

Her third album, I Dreamt I Was a Bird, was released by Betty Beetroot Records on 2 October 2015. It received a four-starred review in The Daily Telegraph[4] and was awarded Album Of The Year 2015 by Fatea magazine.[11]

Pretty Warnings[edit]

Her fourth album, Pretty Warnings, was released by Betty Beetroot Records on 15 June 2018.

Other work[edit]

Film, TV and radio[edit]

Lucy Ward's music has been used as the soundtrack for award-winning director Kim Hopkins' documentary film Folie à Deux – madness made of two.[12][13] The film soundtrack uses "For the Dead Men", some new original material and some cover songs played by Lucy Ward and Hungarian fiddle player Barnabas Balázs.[14] The film, which shows the human cost of the banking crisis, premiered in November 2012 at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam[15] and was broadcast on BBC Four in its Storyville international documentary series on 11 November 2013.[16]

Lucy Ward was commissioned by BBC Radio 3's The Verb to write a song based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North and South. Her live performance of her new song "Creatures and Demons" was included in a special programme on Mrs Gaskell, broadcast on 3 October 2014.[17]

Musical theatre[edit]

Lucy Ward has also written songs and music for Robin Hood by the touring theatre company Oddsocks.[18]

Other recordings[edit]

She has performed and recorded with the Cupola trio (Doug Eunson, Sarah Matthews and Oli Matthews)[19] as Cupola:Ward, releasing in 2012 the EP Four and, in 2016, a debut album, Bluebell.

She provided vocals on one of the tracks – "Gospel of the Sun" – on David Gibb's 2011 album There Are Birds in My Garden[20][21] and on a track – "There's a Dragon in My Bedroom" – on Gibb's 2014 album Letters Through Your Door.[22] She also provided backing vocals on three of the tracks on Marc Block's album The Hawthorn Spring, released on 15 April 2014.[23] Her vocals also appear on the 2015 Mills and Chimneys album The Common Thread.[24]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Lucy Ward was a Young Folk Award finalist in the 2009 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards[25][26] where she performed "Stitch in Time" by Mike Waterson. The song was included on the third CD of the album BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2009[27] and a longer recording appeared on her 2011 album Adelphi Has to Fly.

In the 2012 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards she won the Horizon award (for best newcomer). Her recording of "Maids When You’re Young", which was subsequently included on the first CD of the album BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012,[28] was nominated as best traditional track.[29]

In 2014 she was nominated for the "Folk Singer of the Year" award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.[30] Her recording, from Single Flame, of the Roud 1302 song "Marching Through the Green Grass", was included on the album BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2014.[31]


Lucy Ward[edit]

Album Release date Label
Adelphi Has to Fly 13 June 2011 Navigator Records (Navigator 47)[32]
Single Flame 19 August 2013 Navigator Records (Navigator 083)[10]
I Dreamt I Was a Bird 2 October 2015 Betty Beetroot Records (BETTY01)
Pretty Warnings 15 June 2018 Betty Beetroot Records (BETTY03)
Single Release date Label
"For the Dead Men" (Lucy Ward) /
"Maids When You're Young" (remix) (traditional, arranged Lucy Ward)
29 January 2012 Navigator Records (Navigator 070)[32]


EP Tracks Release date Label
Four "Cotton Mills of Cromford" (traditional) / "The Bone Lace Weaver" (Leonard Wheatcroft, Roy Harris) /
"When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart" (Alison Krauss) / "King of Rome" (David Sudbury)
2012 Coth Records[33]
Album Release date Label
Bluebell 18 June 2016 Betty Beetroot Records (BETTY02)

With James Findlay, Bella Hardy and Brian Peters[edit]

Album Release date Label
The Liberty to Choose: A Selection of Songs from The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs 10 June 2013 Fellside Recordings[34](FECD257)

Various artists[edit]

Album Release date Label Notes
Land of Hope and Fury: a compilation of contemporary protest songs 10 July 2015 Union Music Store Lucy Ward performs one track: "Bigger Than That"[35]
Shine On – an album of songs by John Lennon 9 October 2015 Independent Lucy Ward performs one track: "Working Class Hero"

Personal life[edit]

Lucy Ward lives in Mickleover, Derbyshire.[6] She has a black belt at tae kwon-do and has taught martial arts.[5]


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