Lucy d'Abreu

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Lucy d'Abreu
Born Lucy Victoria d'Souza
24 May 1892
Dharwar, British Raj
Died 7 December 2005
(aged 113 years 197 days)
Stirling, Scotland
Nationality British
Known for supercentenarian
Spouse(s) Abundius d'Abreu

Lucy Victoria d'Abreu née d'Souza (24 May 1892 – 7 December 2005)[1] was the oldest living person in the United Kingdom from April 2004 until her death. She gained the title of "oldest person in Scotland" in June 2001, at age 109, following the death of Agnes Kinnear, born November 1891, who was also 109 at the time,[2] and the UK title on 28 April 2004, at almost age 112, following the death of Gladys Hawley, who was 112.[3]

Born into a Mangalorean Catholic family in Dharwar, British Raj,[4] Lucy Victoria d'Souza married Abundius d'Abreu, a surgeon, and moved to Ireland c. 1913.[1] In 1985, she moved to Scotland to be near one of her children. Her husband was a cousin-in-law of the Queen Mother,[5] and she was visited by the British Royal Family in May 2002, for her 110th birthday.[4]

After a fall at the age of 106, she moved to Annfield House nursing home in Stirling,[6] where she died peacefully, aged 113 years and 197 days.

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