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Lud or LUD may refer to:


  • Lud son of Heli, a legendary British king who in Geoffrey of Monmouth's pseudohistorical Historia Regum Britanniae founded London and was buried at Ludgate
  • Lud, son of Shem, a grandson of Noah
  • Lludd Llaw Eraint, a mythical Welsh figure cognate with king Nuada Airgetlám
  • Lud Fiser (1908–1990), American football and baseball player and coach
  • Lud Gluskin (1898–1989), Russian jazz bandleader
  • Lud Kramer (1932–2004), American politician
  • Ned Ludd, founder of the Luddite movement



  • Lud (city), a city in Stephen King's Dark Tower series
  • Lobby Lud, a character used in British newspaper scavenger hunts in the 1920s

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