Ludger Lemieux

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Ludger Lemieux
Ludger Lemieux.jpg
Born 1872
Farnham, Quebec Quebec
Died 1953
Montreal Quebec
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater McGill University
Occupation Architect
Buildings Saint-Henri Fire Station
Atwater Market.
Saint-Henri fire hall.

Ludger Lemieux (1872–1953) was a Quebec architect who designed a number of notable Art deco structures in Montreal's Saint-Henri district.[1] While he often worked in partnership with Joseph-Honoré MacDuff, his best-known structure, the Atwater Market, was designed not with MacDuff but with Paul Lemieux, reported to be either his son[2] or brother.[3]

He was born in Farnham, Quebec and studied at McGill University.[2]


Along with his collaboration with Joseph-Honoré MacDuff, Lemieux's other buildings include the Tooke Brothers factory, the Workman Building, the Sainte-Irénée church next to Atwater Market, the Sainte-Jeanne-de-Chantal school and the Saint-Henri Fire Station.[2][4] [3] Along with his collaboration with Paul Lemieux, Lemieux collaborated on the Saint-Zotique church with René Charbonneau, the architect of the Outremont Theatre.


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