Ludlow Monument

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Ludlow Monument
Ludlow Monument Cropped.jpg
Ludlow Monument is located in Colorado
Ludlow Monument
Location in Colorado
Coordinates 37°20′22″N 104°35′00″W / 37.3394°N 104.5833°W / 37.3394; -104.5833Coordinates: 37°20′22″N 104°35′00″W / 37.3394°N 104.5833°W / 37.3394; -104.5833
Location Del Aqua Canyon Rd., Ludlow, Colorado
Designer Hugh Sullivan
Material Vermont granite
Completion date 1918
Dedicated to Ludlow massacre

The Ludlow Monument is a granite memorial by sculptor Hugh Sullivan[1] erected by the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) at the Ludlow Tent Colony Site near Ludlow, Colorado in 1918 to honor the victims of the Ludlow massacre. It is located on County Road 44, about 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) west of Interstate 25 (US 85, 87 & 160), at County Road 615.


The monument was fabricated by the Jones Brothers Company of Barre, Vermont using local granite was commissioned by Sam Falsetto, president of the United Mine Workers of Trinidad, Colorado. The Springfield Granite Company served as the contractor.

The Monument was damaged by persons unknown in 2003 with the heads and arms of the statue figures cut and removed. The repaired monument was unveiled at the UMWA's annual Ludlow ceremony on June 5, 2005.[2] The repairs to the monument were done by Griswold and Associates using stone from the original quarry. The carving of the new heads and arm was done by Marcel Maechler.[3]

Nearby attractions[edit]

The Victor American Hastings Mine Disaster monument is located approximately one to two miles west of Ludlow Monument.

Images of the restored monument[edit]


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