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Manuscript of von Sudheim's travel journal

Ludolf von Sudheim, also called Ludolph von Suchem, was a German priest who is primarily known as the author of an account of his time in the Levant and a history of the fall of the Crusader states. Little is known of his life other than he spent the years 1336-1341 travelling in the Holy Land and the Eastern Mediterranean islands.


  • von Suchem, Ludolph (1895) [Originally published in 1350]. De Terra sancta et itinere Iherosolomitano et de statu eius et aliis mirabilibus, que in mari conspiciuntur, videlicet mediterraneo [Ludolph von Suchem's Description of the Holy Land, and of the Way Thither. Written in the Year A.D. 1350] (Paperback). Edited and translated from Latin by Aubrey Stewart. Cambridge University Press (published October 2013). p. 158. ISBN 9781108061827. OCLC 830022640.

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