Ludwig & Mayer

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Schriftgießerei Ludwig & Mayer
Industry Type foundry
Defunct 1984
Headquarters Germany
Key people
Karlgeorg Hoefer, Jakob Erbar, Helmut Matheis

Ludwig & Mayer was a German type foundry in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Many important designers worked for the Ludwig and Mayer type foundry, including Heinrich Jost, Karlgeorg Hoefer, Helmut Matheis, and most notably Jakob Erbar, whose Erbar Book was one of the first geometric sans-serif typefaces, predating both Paul Renner's Futura and Rudolf Koch's Kabel by some five years. Starting in 1925, Ludwig & Mayer types were distributed in the United States by Continental Type Founders Association. When the foundry ceased operations in 1984, rights to the typefaces was transmitted to the Neufville Foundry.[1]


These foundry types were produced by Ludwig & Mayer:[2]

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