Ludwig (given name)

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For other uses, see Ludwig (disambiguation).
Pronunciation German: [ˈluːtvɪç]
Gender Male
Word/name German
Meaning Famous warrior
Other names
Related names Alois, Aloysius, Clovis, Lajos, Lewis, Lodewijk, Lodewyk, Loïc, Louis, Ludovic, Ludovico, Ludvig, Ludvík, Luigi, Luis, Luiz

Ludwig is an Old High German given name. Etymologically, the name can be traced back to the Germanic name Hludwig, composed of Hlud or Hluth meaning "famous", and Wig meaning "war". Nicknames are Ludva, Ludia, Luděk, Viky.

Ludwig may refer to several notable persons:

In art:

In botany:

In economics:

In German nobility:

For Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Germany, see Louis (given name).

In literature:

In medicine:

In music:

In philosophy:

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In Modeling

  • Ludwig Hällström Sander, a Swedish model

In other fields:

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