Ludwig August von Frankl

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Ludwig August von Frankl

Ludwig August Ritter von Frankl-Hochwart (February 3, 1810, in Chrast, Bohemia – March 12, 1894, in Vienna) was a Jewish Bohemian-Austrian writer and poet. He was a friend of Nikolaus Lenau. Also, he corresponded with Petar II Petrovic Njegos of Montenegro before he died in 1851. Frankl's Gusle, Serbische Nationallieder was dedicated to Vuk Karadžić's daughter in 1852. His object was to present some of the songs in Vuk which had not yet been translated, and he took the greatest pains to reproduce in German the metrical effect of the Serbian original.

His son is Lothar von Frankl-Hochwart.

Rabbi Nancy Morris wrote her Masters Thesis[1] on Frankl. It provides a substantial volume of material on Frankl and is available from the McGill University website.


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