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Leonid "Tarzan" Fainberg also known as Ludwig Lyosha Fainberg[1] (born March 1, 1958) is a Jewish Ukrainian mobster. Born in Odessa, Fainberg left the Soviet Union in the early 1980s for Israel, and moved to the United States following the fall of the Soviet Union. In the mid-1990s, Fainberg attempted to purchase a Soviet nuclear submarine for use in drug smuggling for a Colombian cocaine cartel. Fainberg lived in Miami between 1990 and 1997 and owned a topless bar called Porky's, named for the movie.[2] He was arrested and convicted of smuggling and racketeering and spent thirty months in jail before his trial, and was convicted.[3] As of October 2012 he was in Panama, jailed and awaiting trial for pimping.[4]


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