Ludwig Georg Courvoisier

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Ludwig Georg Courvoisier
Born 8 April 1843
Died 10 November 1918(1918-11-10) (aged 75)
Nationality Switzerland
Fields surgery
Known for Courvoisier's law

Ludwig Georg Courvoisier (10 November 1843 – 8 April 1918) was a surgeon from Basel, Switzerland.[1] He was one of the first doctors to remove gallstones from the common bile duct.[2]

In 1890, Courvoisier published the book Casuistisch-statistische Beiträge zur Pathologie und Chirurgie der Gallenwege, a manual on biliary surgery in which he introduced the medical sign known as Courvoisier's law.[3]


Courvoisier was an entomologist most interested in the Lycaenidae.


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