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Ludwig A. Minelli (born December 5, 1932) is a Swiss lawyer. He is the founder of Dignitas, an organization that helps permanently ill people to end life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering.[1] He is also the founder and general secretary of the Swiss Society for the European Convention on Human Rights.[2]

Minelli is among the majority of supporters of physician-assisted suicide who believe that it should be available to both healthy and sick individuals.[3][4]

Minelli holds an LL.M. from Zurich University. He is divorced and has two daughters.[3]

Selected works[edit]

  • Weshalb braucht es keine aktive Sterbehilfe?, in: Robertson-von Trotha, Caroline Y. (ed.): Tod und Sterben in der Gegenwartsgesellschaft. Eine interdisziplinäre Auseinandersetzung (= Kulturwissenschaft interdisziplinär/Interdisciplinary Studies on Culture and Society, Vol. 3), Baden-Baden 2008

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