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Ludwig Roth
Ludwig Roth - 1960.jpg
Ludwig Roth - 1960 (open the image to use the imagemap)
Born (1909-06-10)June 10, 1909[1]
Groß-Gerau, Germany[1]
Died November 1, 1967(1967-11-01) (aged 58)[1][2]
Redondo Beach, United States[1]
Spouse(s) Brunhilde 'Hilde'
Children 5 sons; Volker, Gerhard, Diether, Axel, Werner
Scientific career
Fields Aerospace engineering
Institutions 1937-1945: HVP/HAP
1945-tbd: ABMA
tbd-tbd: Douglas
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Project Paperclip Team at Fort Bliss, Texas, USA, August 1946. Ludwig Roth is in the first row (appr. center) (pointing the mouse will show the name)

Ludwig Roth (June 10, 1909 – November 1, 1967) was the Aerospace engineer who was the head of the Peenemünde Future Projects Office[3][4] which designed the Wasserfall[5] and created advanced rockets designs such as the A9/A10 ICBM.

Roth arrived in New York under Operation Paperclip on November 16, 1945 via the SS Argentina[6] and served at Fort Bliss and Huntsville, Alabama. He and his family relocated to Palos Verdes, California. His son Axel Roth went on to work for NASA as an engineer, and ended his career as Associate Director of Marshall Space Flight Center. His son Volker worked for Boeing as Space Lab Design Manager. His grandson Karl Roth currently works for COLSA Corporation supporting International Space Station Payload Ground System Integration.



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