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Ludwig Schmitz-Kallenberg (10 June 1867, in Rheydt – 22 April 1937, in Münster) was a German archivist and historian of Westphalia.

He studied history at the University of Freiburg, Münster Academy and Leipzig University, receiving his doctorate in 1891. In 1893 he took a study trip to Rome via a scholarship from the Görres Society, and from 1896 worked as an archivist for the Historical Commission for Westphalia. In 1899 he became a lecturer at Münster, where in 1918 he was named an honorary full professor. From 1921 to 1932 he served as director of the state archives in Münster.[1]

He was an editor of journals Westfalen (1909–25) and Westfälische Zeitschrift (1923–25), and from 1915 to 1926 edited the Geschichtliche Darstellungen und Quellen ("Historical Representations and Sources").[1]

Selected works[edit]

  • Geschichte der Herrschaft Rheydt, 1897 – History of the dominion of Rheydt.
  • Inventare der nichtstaatlichen Archive des Kreises Ahaus, 1899 – Inventories of the non-state archives of Ahaus.
  • Urkunden des fürstlich Salm-Salm'schen Archives in Anholt, des fürstlich Salm-Horstmar'schen Archives in Coesfeld und der herzoglich Croy'schen Domänenadministration in Dülmen (1902–04) – Documents of the princely Salm-Salm archives in Anholt, the princely Salm-Horstmar archives in Coesfeld and the ducal Croy domain administration in Dülmen.
  • Die Lehre von den Papsturkunden, 1906 – The doctrine of papal documents.
  • Urkundenlehre (3 volumes, 1907–11, with Wilhelm Erben and Oswald Redlich).
  • Monasticon Westfaliae. Verzeichnis der im Gebiet der Provinz Westfalen bis zum Jahre 1815 gegründeten Stifter, Klöster und sonstigen Ordensniederlassungen, 1909 – Monasticon Westfalia. List of donors, monasteries and other religious settlements founded in the province of Westphalia up to 1815.
  • Historiographie und Quellen der deutschen Geschichte bis 1500 (with Max Jansen, 1914) – Historiography and sources of German history up until 1500.
  • Inventare der nichtstaatlichen Archive des Kreises Büren, 1915 – Inventories of the non-state archives of the district of Büren.
  • Monumenta Budicensia: Quellen zur Geschichte des Augustiner-Chorherrenstiftes Bödeken in Westfalen, 1815 – Monumenta Budicensia: Sources of the history of the Augustinian monastery Bödeken in Westphalia.[2][3]


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