Ludwig von Herterich

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Ludwig von Herterich
Ludwig Herterich Johanna Stegen.jpg
Ludwig Herterich: Johanna Stegen, the Heroine of Lüneburg (scene from the Napoleonic Wars), 1887
Born Ludwig Herterich
1856 (1856)
Etzenhausen, Dachau)
Died 1932 (aged 75–76)
New York City
Nationality German
Known for History painting, portraits, art education
Movement Munich School
Awards Order of Maximilian, 1908

Ludwig von Herterich[1] (13 October 1856, Ansbach - 25 December 1932, Etzenhausen, today in Dachau) was a German painter and art teacher. He is best known as a painter of portraits and history paintings and is a representative of the Munich School.


He was the son of a sculptor and art restorer, Franz Herterich, and the younger brother of painter Johann Caspar Herterich. He taught at the Kunstschule Stuttgart and then from 1898 as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. His pupils included Richard Blume, Karl Caspar, Maria Caspar-Filser, Leo Delitz, Adolf Erbslöh (de), David Karfunkle, Käthe Kollwitz, Hermann Mühlen, Walter Püttner, Julius Seyler, Maria Slavona, and Anton Zilzer. For his services to art, he was awarded the Order of Maximilian in 1908 and made a life peer.

Herterich was heavily involved along with others in producing the pictorial art for Schloss Wolfsbrunn in the Ore Mountains.[2]


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