Ludwik Abramowicz (1888–1966)

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Ludwik Abramowicz (1888 – 1966) was a Polish activist and teacher.

Born in Radviliškis, he studied at the University of Kiev. In 1918 he was working as a teacher in Lithuanian language teaching gymnasium in Telšiai, (which was establishing independence from the Russian Empire during the time). Later in the interbellum period he became the director of one of the four Polish high schools in interwar Lithuania, (Adam Mickiewicz gymnasium in Kaunas (Polish: Gimnazjum im. Adama Mickiewicza w Kownie). After the Soviet invasion, he was briefly a burmister of Telšiai. From 1945-1947 he worked in a repatriation office in Vilnius, later he moved to Poland (in 1947).


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