Luen Wo Hui

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Luen Wo Market building (now closed)
Luen Wo Hui
Traditional Chinese 聯和墟
St. Joseph's Church in Luen Wo Hui

Luen Wo Hui or Luen Wo Market (Chinese: 聯和墟) is a market town east of Fanling in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is located northeast of Fanling Station.


Luen Wo Hui was formerly a market founded by villages in the surrounding area and later became a town. The old market has now ceased to operate and only a few structures are left. A new indoor market to replace the pre-existing market was officially opened in 2002.[1]

New private housing estates have in the last 10 years been built north of the market. Across Sha Tau Kok Road are industrial buildings.

Market building[edit]

Luen Wo Market building is listed as a Grade III historic building.[2]

See also[edit]

  • Hooked on You, a 2007 film set there. The name of the market building was changed to "Fortune Market" in the film.


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Coordinates: 22°29′53″N 114°08′35″E / 22.49806°N 114.14306°E / 22.49806; 114.14306