Lufeng Dinosaur Museum

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Lufengosaurus magnus skeleton, Beijing Museum of Natural History.

The Lufeng Dinosaur Museum is located in Jingshan ("Golden Hill"), Lufeng County, Yunnan Province, China. [1]

Lufeng is the site of numerous Jurassic dinosaur discoveries, first found there in 1938. Most well known is Lufengosaurus, a Jurassic prosauropod. More recently, teeth and a skull of Ramapithecus, a Miocene period primate related to the orangutan, have been found in Lufeng. [2]

The Lufeng Dinosaur Museum includes the hall of ancient living beings where four complete dinosaur skeletons ranging from 2.4 meters to 9 meters in length are on display. In addition, there is a display of photographs and diagrams of dinosaurs from around the world. The museum includes the hall of ancient bronzeware and earthenware and the hall of ancient Pithecanthropus. [3]


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