Lufira River

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Coordinates: 11°01′15″S 26°57′14″E / 11.020817°S 26.953754°E / -11.020817; 26.953754

Lualaba River DRC.svg
The Lualaba River, in red
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Physical characteristics
River mouth Lualaba River
Length 500 km (310 mi)
Official name Bassin de la Lufira
Designated 31 October 2017
Reference no. 2318[1]

The Lufira River is a tributary of the Lualaba River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The Lufira rises in the Shaba plateau south of Likasi. The river was dammed in 1926 at Mwadingusha near Likasi to form Lake Tshangalele, a reservoir for a hydroelectric generator supplying power for copper smelting. It flows northwards through the Bia Mountains for about 500 kilometres (310 mi), joining the Lualaba in Lake Kisale.


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