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For the manufacturer of heavy equipment in Lufkin, Texas, see Lufkin Industries.
none; solely a brand
Industry Manufacturing
Founded Cleveland, Ohio, USA (1869[1])
Headquarters Houston, Texas, USA
Products Professional Hand Tools

Lufkin is a brand featuring primarily measurement tools such as calipers, gauges, micrometers, and measuring tapes. Lufkin is currently a brand of Cooper Industries.


The company was founded by Edward Taylor Lufkin, an American Civil War veteran of the Sixtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry[2] in Cleveland, Ohio 1869[1] and was originally named E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company.

The company was acquired in 1967 by Cooper Industries.[3]


Throughout its history Lufkin patented a variety of devices and manufacturing processes.

  • US 149321, Lufkin, Edward Taylor, "Improvement in Board Measures", issued April 7, 1874 
  • US 272279, Lufkin, Edward Taylor, "Headed Lumber Rule", issued February 13, 1883 
  • US 272892, Lufkin, Edward Taylor, "Machine for forming and dressing lumber-rules", issued February 27, 1883 


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