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Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH is a company owned by the airline group the Lufthansa Group, that trains Lufthansa pilots. The training locations are Bremen, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich in Germany, Vienna in Austria, Zurich in Switzerland and a facility in Goodyear, Arizona, United States. The company has about 500 employees[1] and has been in business for around 50 years.[2]

Lufthansa Aviation Training (KGYR)

Lufthansa Aviation Training owns 9 subsidiaries: Lufthansa Aviation Training Crew Academy GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Berlin GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Operations Germany GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training Austria GmbH, Lufthansa Aviation Training USA Inc., Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Academy GmbH and Aviation Quality Services (AQS)


A Lufthansa Aviation Training Bonanza 33 at Phoenix Goodyear Airport United States.

Lufthansa Aviation Training USA[edit]

Airline Training Center Arizona, Inc.

The Aviation Training Center Arizona is a facility in Goodyear, Arizona, where future Lufthansa pilots conduct flight training with small aircraft. It is operated by the Lufthansa subsidiary Lufthansa Aviation Training. The base contains a building where the students live in their own apartments.

Lufthansa Flight Training Logo


Lufthansa ordered various new planes for the Aviation Training. The Grob G120A are only used for training of the 3rd German Air Force Training Squadron, also based at the airport.

Aviation Quality Services[edit]

Aviation Quality Services (AQS) is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Flight Training[3] and located in Frankfurt, Germany. The company is an IATA accredited IOSA Audit Organization (AO)[4] and an IATA accredited Endorsed Training Organization (ETO).[5] They conduct audits and auditor, quality and Safety Management Systems training.

In 2003, AQS was the first company to be accredited by IATA as IOSA Audit Organization and Endorsed Training Organization. Two years later, the company became the world's leading IOSA Audit Organization.[6]

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