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Lufttransport Logo.jpg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1971
Hubs Tromsø Airport
Fleet size 24
Parent company Knut Axel Ugland Holding
Headquarters Tromsø
Key people Stig Næsh (CEO)

Lufttransport is a Norwegian helicopter and fixed-wing airline that operates primarily air ambulance helicopters and planes for the Norwegian and Swedish governments. In addition the airline offers services including surveillance for the Norwegian Coast Guard, transport of ship pilots and scheduled air transport in the Norwegian territory of Svalbard.

The airline operates 10 helicopters and 14 fixed-wing aircraft and has headquarters in Tromsø. In 2005 the company had a revenue of 300 million NOK.


Lufttransport was started in 1955 and merged with Mørefly in 1995.

The company started operations on Svalbard in 1978, transporting crew from the new international airport at Longyearbyen to the mines at Svea and Ny-Ålesund. From 1994 the airline has operated Dornier Do-228 aircraft at Svalbard. Since 2002 the company has co-operated with the shipping pilot service in Bergen, flying pilots out to vessels at sea. In 2005 it also started flying scheduled routes from Bodø to Værøy.

In 2000 its owner CHC Helikopter Service, part of CHC Helicopter, sold Lufttransport to Norwegian Air Shuttle. In 2005 Norwegian sold Lufttransport and the Swedish Heliflyg to Norsk Helikopter. As part of a restructuring of its operations, Norsk Helikopter (now fully owned by Bristow Group) sold Lufttransport in its entirety to Knut Axel Ugland Holding in October 2008.[1]



In Norway Lufttransport has Beech King Air B200 ambulance planes stationed at

It also has helicopter bases at


The airline also has two Dornier Do-228 aircraft stationed at Svalbard Airport, Longyear that fly regular charter flights to Ny-Ålesund Airport, Hamnerabben and Svea Airport for the mining company Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani and the company in charge of the research village of Ny Ålesund, Kings Bay. One of the Dornier aircraft also carries out surveillance for the Norwegian Coast Guard, primarily checking fishing boats in the Barents Sea. Lufttransport flies about 400 hours per year for the Coast Guard.

Ship pilots[edit]

In addition, two Agusta helicopters are used to transport ship pilots, based at Bergen Airport, Flesland. Ships exceeding 30 000 gross tonnes with petroleum products are required to have a pilot onboard while navigating into the petroleum refineries of Kårstø, Mongstad and Sture. In addition the company has a contract to fly crew to Teekay's ships in the North Sea


Lufttransport flies the public service obligation between Bodø Airport and Værøy Heliport with two daily round trips (one trip on Saturdays and Sundays) with an Agusta Bell AB139.


As of August 2014 the Lufttransport fleet includes:[2]


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