Luftvärnsrobotvagn 701

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Type self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle
Place of origin Sweden
Service history
In service 1980s - 2000 circa
Used by Swedish Army
Production history
Number built 49
Weight 9.7 tonnes
Length 4.81 m
Width 2.54 m
Height 2.89 m
Crew 4

Ksp 58 7.62 mm machine gun
6x smoke grenade launchers
Engine Ford 2658E
136 hp
Transmission Mercedes W 4A-018
Ground clearance 0.33 m
Fuel capacity 240 litres
Speed 41 km/h

Luftvärnsrobotvagn 701 (abbreviated lvrbv 701) is a Swedish self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle armed with the locally produced short range RBS 70 surface-to-air missile system. The lvrbv 701 is not NBC-protected and has no night vision equipment. Except for the armament, lvrbv 701 is identical to the Pansarvärnsrobotbandvagn 551 ATGM carrier. Both vehicles were built from the chassis of obsolete Infanterikanonvagn 103 self-propelled guns (some Pansarvärnsrobotbandvagn 551s used the Infanterikanonvagn 102 chassis instead). Conversion to the lvrbv 701 was done during the 1980s and the vehicle was taken out of active service around the year 2000.

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