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Luger may mean:

  • Luger pistol, a semi-automatic handgun
  • Georg Luger (1849–1923), Austrian inventor of the pistol
  • Arnold Luger, Italian luger who competed during the 1980s
  • Dan Luger (born 1975), English rugby union player
  • Karolin Luger, Austrian-American biochemist and biophysicist
  • Lex Luger (born 1958), ring name of American professional wrestler and former football player Lawrence Pfohl
  • Lex Luger (record producer) (born 1991), professional name of American hip hop record producer Lexus Arnel Lewis
  • A participant in the sport of luge
  • Operation Luger, a joint military operation between the Canadian Forces and Afghan National Army in July 2007
  • Luger (film), a 1982 Dutch film written and directed by Theo van Gogh

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