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The Red Bridge across the Clutha River at Luggate.

Luggate is a small township in the South Island of New Zealand.[1] It is located on State Highway 6 between Wanaka and Cromwell, near the junction with State Highway 8A, approximately 15 km from the Wanaka township, just past Wanaka Airport.

The Luggate 'Grandview Bridge' is a local icon listed highly in the Queenstown Lakes District Council's Historic Register. It was opened on October 28, 1915, and has been described as "one of the most attractively proportioned steel truss road bridges in the country."[2] It is 103.7 metres long, and features a 61-metre Baltimore through truss, another 30.5m truss and a 12.2m rolled steel joist end span.


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Coordinates: 44°44′56″S 169°16′11″E / 44.7488°S 169.2696°E / -44.7488; 169.2696