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Lughaya is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 10°41′16″N 43°56′11″E / 10.68778°N 43.93639°E / 10.68778; 43.93639Coordinates: 10°41′16″N 43°56′11″E / 10.68778°N 43.93639°E / 10.68778; 43.93639
Country  Somalia
Region Awdal
District Lughaya
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Climate BWh

Lughaya is a town in the northwestern Awdal province of Somalia.


Lughaya is located around 200 km to the north of Berbera and about 50 km south of the main port of Djibouti. It is the capital of and largest town in the Lughaya District. The settlement lies on the Guban coast, and is typically hot and dry.

Local control of the area is disputed between the autonomous Awdalland and Somaliland regions.


The broader Lughaya District has a total population of 36,104 residents.[1] The majority of locals belong to the Maxamed Case sub-clan of the Gadabuursi. Most residents are pastoralists and farmers.[2]


Lughaya has a small seaport.[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Major towns in the Lughaya District are:

  • Lughaya
  • Garaaca
  • Kalowle
  • Saba-Wanaag
  • Garba-Dadar
  • Gargaara Bari
  • Geerisa
  • Beeyo-Cadaadeed
  • Balayga
  • Fardaha
  • Karuura
  • Waraqa Dhigta
  • Sheed Dheer
  • Osoli
  • Teeb
  • Buulo-Xareed
  • Qudhacood
  • Laan-Cawaale
  • Maame
  • Xoog-Faras
  • Iddo-Caddays
  • Beeyo-Kulul
  • Gab
  • Xajiinle
  • Ceel Helay
  • Hulka
  • Damasha
  • Cabdi Geedi
  • Ceel Sheek
  • Bidhaadley


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