Luhe (Ilmenau)

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Oldendorf (Luhe) Wohlenbüttel - Luhe 02 ies.jpg
The River Luhe near Wohlenbüttel
State Lower Saxony, Germany
Reference no. DE: 5948
Basin features
Main source Bispingen
80 m
53°04′01″N 9°58′49″E / 53.066806°N 9.980139°E / 53.066806; 9.980139Coordinates: 53°04′01″N 9°58′49″E / 53.066806°N 9.980139°E / 53.066806; 9.980139
River mouth Ilmenau near Stöckte
7 m
53°23′04″N 10°12′20″E / 53.384306°N 10.2054861°E / 53.384306; 10.2054861
Progression Ilmenau → Elbe → North Sea
River system Elbe
Basin size 476 km²
Physical characteristics
Length 58.2 km

The Luhe is a river that runs through the Lüneburg Heath in northern Germany and discharges into the River Ilmenau. It is part of the Elbe river system.

The entire catchment area of the Luhe has been heavily populated since the New Stone Age as evinced by sites like the monuments at Soderstorf and the Oldendorfer Totenstatt grave sites. On the heights of the present-day town of Winsen (Luhe) a bridge over the Luhe was controlled by Winsen Castle from the 13th century.