Luigi De Filippo

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Luigi De Filippo
Film Cerasella 1959 Luigi De Filippo.JPG
De Filippo with Claudia Mori in Cerasella (1959)
Born (1930-08-10) 10 August 1930 (age 87)
Naples, Italy
Occupation Actor, playwright, theatre director
Parent(s) Peppino De Filippo
Adele Carloni

Luigi De Filippo (born 10 August 1930) is an Italian actor, stage director and playwright.

Born in Naples, the son of actors Peppino De Filippo and Adele Carloni, he studied literature at the university, leaving the studies on the threshold of graduation to pursue a career in journalism.[1] Shorty later De Filippo debuted on stage next to his father, and from then he started a very long acting career, notably running for years a Neapolitan dialect company.[1] He celebrated the fortieth anniversary of his stage activities with the reception of a special Premio Personalità Europea prize in Capitol Hill.[1]

De Filippo appeared in many film roles, even if mainly in character roles.[1] He was also active on television, mainly in television adaptations of his stage works.[1] Since 2011 he has been the artistic director of the Parioli Theatre in Rome.[2]

Selected filmography[edit]


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