Luigi Fabbri

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Luigi Fabbri
Luigi Fabbri.JPG
Born23 December 1877
Died24 June 1935
Montevideo, Uruguay
EducationUniversity of Macerata
OccupationWriter, anarchist activist
Spouse(s)Bianca Sbriccoli
ChildrenLuce and Vero

Luigi Fabbri (1877–1935) was an Italian anarchist, writer, and educator, who was charged with defeatism during World War I. He was the father of Luce Fabbri.

Selected works[edit]

  • Life of Malatesta, translated by Adam Wight (originally published 1936). This book was published again with expanded content in 1945.
  • Malatesta: L'Uomo e il Pensiero
  • Letters to a Woman on Anarchy, 1905
  • Workers' Organisation and Anarchy, 1906 pamphlet
  • Anarchist Organisation, 1907 pamphlet
  • The School and the Revolution, 1912
  • Letters to a Socialist, 1913
  • The Aware Generation, 1913
  • Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism, 1914
  • Dictatorship and Revolution, 1921
  • Preventive Counter-revolution, 1922

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