Luigi Gregori

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Luigi Gregori
Luigi Gregori.png
Born (1819-11-04)November 4, 1819
Died November 4, 1896(1896-11-04) (aged 77)
Nationality Italian
Education Govanni Battista Grulli, Tommaso Minardi, Purismo
Known for Painting

Luigi Gregori (1819–1896) was an Italian artist who worked at the Vatican and served as artist in residence and professor at the University of Notre Dame.


He was born in Bologna in 1819, where at the age of fourteen he became apprentice of the bolognese artist Giovanni Battista Frulli. He then studied in Milan, Naples, and finally in Rome where he enrolled at the Accademia di San Luca and studied under Tommaso Minardi. After his training at the academy, he was hired as artist in residence at the Vatican, where he was commissioned a portrait of Pope Pius IX.

In 1874 he was invited by Rev. Edward Sorin, who was visiting the papal court, to be artist in residence at the University of Notre Dame, where he stayed for seventeen years. There he produced most of his works, and decorated the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Main building, St. Edward's Hall and others. In 1890 he returned to Italy, where he won a golden medal for the arts. He died in Florence in 1896.[1][2]


From 1868 to 1892 he worked in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, painting the nave, the transept, the ceilings and the apse with religious figures featuring mainly Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Saints and Doctors of the Church. From 1874 to 1877 he painted the stations of the Cross.[2]

In 1880 he was commissioned by Rev. Sorin a series of murals depicting the life and voyages of the Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus inside the Main Building. The decoration of the Main Building continued in 1890 with the interior of the dome depicting Religion surrounded by Philosophy, History, Science, Fame, Music and Poetry.[3][4]

His painting Return of Columbus and Reception at Court from the Columbus Murals was featured in the 10¢ stamp of the Columbian Issue.[5][6]


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