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Luigi Morleo
Born (1970-11-16) 16 November 1970 (age 50)
Mesagne, Italy
ChildrenMattia Vlad Morleo
GenresClassical, Folk, Jazz
Occupation(s)Composer, percussionist
LabelsMorleo Editore

Luigi Morleo (born 16 November 1970 in Mesagne, Province of Brindisi) is an Italian percussionist and composer of contemporary music, who lives in Bari and teaches at the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory.

He uses varied musical and artistic styles like minimalism, rock-cross-over, folk-Pop, jazz, electronica and DJ.

Many of his works have been played by the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, Rome and the Lazio Orchestra, Clermont-Ferrand Conservatoire Orchestre, Orchestra Sinfonica Metropolitana di Bari, Orchestra del Conservatorio di Monopoli, Orchestra Sinfonica di Lecce e del Salento, Halleiner KammerOrchester, Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria, Federation Bells of Melbourne, and at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and Festival MUSLAB from Mexico, Jasmin Vardimon Company from Ashford-UK, Percussion Ensemble from Academy of Music STANISLAW MONIUSZKO in Gdansk-Poland.


Morleo's works were published mainly by Morleo Editore (I), Henry Lemoine (F), Alfonce Production (F), HoneyRock (USA)

Stage works[edit]

  • "The Food Opera" for soprano and ensemble
  • "Il Compleanno dell'Infanta" Opera – Story in Music for Actor, Choirboy and Ensemble

Orchestra works[edit]

  • "Petru'" for violin, double bass, piano and orchestra
  • "Concerto per marimba e archi"
  • "Nessun Popolo Oppresso 2" Concerto for percussion and orchestra
  • "Nessun Popolo Oppresso 3" for orchestra
  • "Oltre La Linea Di Fuoco 4" Concerto for marimba and orchestra
  • "Suoni e Rumori Per I Popoli" for percussion and orchestra
  • "Concerto per i Popoli" for accordion and string orchestra
  • "Diversita' : NO LIMIT" for serpent and string orchestra
  • "Suite Salentina" voce, percussioni e orchestra
  • "Art No War 10" Concerto for Nine Percussionists and Orchestra
  • "On Western Terror 1" Concerto for African Percussions Ensemble and Orchestra
  • "On Western Terror 8" Concerto for Taiko Ensemble and Orchestra
  • "Migranti 2.4" Concerto for two Percussionists and Orchestra

Choir works[edit]

Ensemble works[edit]

  • "Trileonson" for percussion and electronic instruments
  • "Uomo Minimale" for percussion, soprano and electronic instruments
  • "Verty" for saxophone and piano
  • "Capriccio Per Marimba"
  • VaSiRo for marimba
  • "Mutante" for clarinet, piano, double bass, voice and electronic instruments
  • "Via D'acque E Dove" for clarinet, double bass, piano and electronic instruments
  • "Vipiafon" for violin and piano
  • "Cellharp" for cello and harp
  • "Scene Di Una Danza" for two percussionists
  • "Lavrea" for piano
  • "Kirkh" for violin, clarinet, cornet, marimba and electronic instruments
  • "Ifilegia" for vibraphone and marimba
  • "Vipiafon And Percussion" for violin], piano and percussion
  • "Libero Movimento" for violin, clarinet, double bass and piano
  • "Danza Latina" for saxophone quartet
  • "Profumo Di Un'elegia" per violin, viola, French horn and piano
  • "Pergan" for percussion and ensemble
  • "Eko" for marimba
  • "Per I Profughi Di Guerra 4" for saxophone and organ
  • "Fabbrica Di Un Pensiero Sezionato" for percussion and magnetic tape
  • "Per I Profughi Di Guerra 3" for marimba
  • "Per I Profughi Di Guerra 2" for flute and marimba
  • "Per I Profughi Di Guerra 1" for violin, flute, clarinet, guitar and percussion
  • "Per I Profughi Di Guerra 10" for marimba
  • "Le Rughe Del Deserto" for percussion and magnetic tape
  • "Klimt Fantasy" for percussion
  • "Ernst Elegy" for percussion
  • "Double Flames Of Love" for piano
  • "Escher Prelude" for vibraphone
  • "Wine Rite" for flute, bass clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass
  • "Fanes For Aenea" for instruments and magnetic tape
  • "Warhol Rite" for percussion quartet
  • "Ifilegia Ii°" for percussion quartet
  • "Oltre La Linea Di Fuoco 10" for percussion and live electronics
  • "Oltre La Linea Di Fuoco 5" for percussion trio
  • "Per I Profughi Di Guerra 8" for vibraphone
  • "Oltre La Linea Di Fuoco 2" for timpani
  • "Paesaggio Mediterraneo" for violin, accordion, tuba and percussion
  • "Nessun Popolo Oppresso 4" for string trio
  • "Oltre La Linea Di Fuoco 7" for percussion and piano
  • "Nessun Popolo Oppresso 7" for marimba and guitar
  • "Nessun Popolo Oppresso 6" for snare drum and piano
  • "Nessun Popolo Oppresso 8" for two marimba
  • "Frida's Tango" for vibraphone
  • "Ernest Elegy" for vibraphone
  • "Concertante per i bambini del mondo" for timpani and piano
  • "Suite Lounge" violino, fisarmonica, bassotuba e percussioni
  • "Hip " clarinetto e chitarra
  • "ReComposed 2.3" supporti elettronici
  • "Aria" flauto, vibrafono e trombone
  • "On Western Terror 6" for one performer and smartphone of the audience
  • "On Western Terror 7" for sound sculptures and digital audio support


Live Soundtracks[edit]



  • F.Versienti – PASSAGGIO A SUD-EST – Edizioni Laterza, 2002
  • L.Morleo – IL GESTO MUSICALE – Morleo Editore, 2006
  • AA.VV. – CINEASTI DI PUGLIA – Edizioni del Sud, 2007
  • AA.VV. – OMBRE SONORE – Edizioni del Sud, 2008
  • L.Morleo – DAL SEGNO AL GESTO PERCUSSIVO – Morleo Editore, 2016

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