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Luis Eduardo González (28 October 1945 – 10 September 2016) was a Uruguayan political scientist, sociologist and polling specialist. He is a professor at the University of the Republic and the Catholic University. He has published, among others, in the Uruguayan Journal of Political Science, the Latin American Research Review, and the Mexican Journal of Sociology.[1][2]


A deaf person, he is known for his voting turnout predictions. He is noted for his ability to listen to all tendencies.[3]

Magister in Sociology, Department of Social Sciences, Fundación Bariloche, Argentina, 1976. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Yale University, 1988. He lectures at Universidad de la República and UCUDAL.[4]

In 1992, he founded the polling firm CIFRA - González, Raga y Asociados.[3]

He works as a consultant for IADB, INTAL, United Nations, and the World Bank.

Author of several specialized publications:

  • Political Structures and Democracy in Uruguay, Notre Dame University Press, 1991.
  • Los partidos políticos uruguayos en tiempos de cambio. UCUDAL/Fundación Banco de Boston, año 1999.


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