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Coronet of a Spanish marquess

Luis Escobar y Kirkpatrick, 7th Marquess of las Marismas del Guadalquivir (5 September 1908 in Madrid – 16 February 1991 in Madrid), was a Spanish nobleman who succeeded to the title in 1954 upon the death of his father, José Ignacio Escobar y Kirkpatrick.

An actor and playwright, during his later career as a theatre director, he much advanced the interests of Teatro María Guerrero, Teatro Español and Teatro Eslava. A real marquess and a flamboyant character, he had also earlier played the part of el marqués de Leguineche in Luis García Berlanga's comedy trilogy.

In 1950 he directed the film La honradez de la cerradura which was nominated at the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.[1]

Don Luis Escobar never married and was openly homosexual, especially so, after democracy was restored to Spain in 1975; his niece, Doña María Victoria Escobar y Cancho, succeeded him in the marquessate in 1991.

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