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Luís Jardim

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Luís Alberto Figueira Gonçalves Jardim (born 4 July 1950) is a Portuguese percussionist born on the island of Madeira. He is best known for his work with producer Trevor Horn.


Jardim is a cousin of Alberto João Jardim (former president of the regional government of Madeira).

Musical work[edit]

Jardim's career includes music composition, production, arrangements, and studio work. He took part in the UK selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 1981, fronting the group 'Headache' in the A Song for Europe contest broadcast on BBC1. The song, "Not Without Your Ticket (Don't Go)", placed seventh of the eight entries.

Beginning with ABC's debut The Lexicon of Love in 1981/1982, Jardim has worked extensively on projects with Trevor Horn, including with Seal[1] and on Grace Jones' Slave to the Rhythm, including playing bass on the title track. He produced 'Everything Could Be So Perfect', the debut album by Anne Pigalle for Horn's ZTT label. He went on "tournées" with Tina Turner, George Michael and Rod Stewart. Luís Jardim plays drums, bass, percussion, and guitars. He played live at the 2004 Produced by Trevor Horn show and with The Producers in 2006/2007.

He has worked with Baraflokkurinn (on Gas (Gas album)), Madness (on Keep Moving and Mad Not Mad), Asia (on Astra and Arena and Aura), Claire Martin (Take My Heart), Yes, Sir Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones,[2] They Might Be Giants, Mike Batt, David Bowie, Cher, Grace Jones, Björk,[3] Mezzoforte, Bee Gees,[4] Duran Duran, Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello,[5] Gareth Gates, Tom Jones, Alejandro Sanz, Nina Hagen, João Pedro Pais, Eros Ramazzoti, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Johnny Hallyday, Mariah Carey, Céline Dion, Sir Elton John, George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, Katie Melua, Modern Romance, Jeff Beck, Fish, Tina Turner, Roddy Frame, Billy Idol, Coldplay, David Gilmour,[6] Tears For Fears, The The, Steve Hogarth and Marillion.

Work on Portuguese TV[edit]

Jardim appeared on the Portuguese version of Pop Idol. He was then a judge on Uma Canção Para Ti (A song for you), a talent show for young people (between 8 and 15 years old) for two seasons. He was a judge on A Tua Cara Não Me é Estranha, a show where eight Portuguese celebrities in the field of acting and music mime a randomly selected musician every week.


With Asia

  • Arena (Bullet Proof, 1996)
  • Aura (Recognition, 2001)

With Beverley Craven

With Bryan Ferry

With Frankie Goes to Hollywood

With Clive Griffin

  • Step By Step (Mercury, 1989)
  • Clive Griffin (Epic, 1993)

With Nina Hagen

With Holly Johnson

With Annie Lennox

With Seal

  • Seal (Warner Bros., 2003)
  • 7 (Warner Bros., 2015)

With Wet Wet Wet

With Robbie Williams

With others


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