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This is list of characters in the video game Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Major characters[edit]

Luis Fernando Lopez[edit]

Luis Fernando Lopez is the main protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, the second and final downloadable episodic pack for the game. Luis is the Dominican-American bodyguard and business associate of Tony Prince. He went to juvenile hall for two years because he shot and injured a teacher who felt up his sister. It is revealed that he did a stint in prison as a result of a crime committed with Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas (neither of whom were caught). It was said by Henrique and Armando that Luis was much more slim before he went to prison.

When released from prison, he was taken under the wing of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, who gave him a job as a bodyguard and manager at his clubs. This has caused him to lose a small amount of respect with his old neighborhood, who view him as somewhat of a downtown yuppie. He has a brother who is not seen in the game, Ernesto Lopez, who condemns him for his extravagant lifestyle. He also has a sister, who is also not seen in-game, Leta Lopez-Wilkinson. Ernesto and Leta are successful working class citizens that live in the suburbs. Despite their financial successes, neither of Luis's siblings provide for their mother, leaving Luis as her sole provider. Luis came to view "Gay Tony" as a father figure, as his real father abandoned him and his family when he was young.

Luis Lopez is voiced by Mario D'Leon.

Preceded by
Johnny Klebitz
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned
Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Succeeded by
Michael De Santa,
Trevor Philips,
Franklin Clinton
Grand Theft Auto V

Tony Prince[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince is the owner of Hercules and Maisonette 9, the hottest gay and straight nightclubs in Liberty City. He also holds a minority stake in the nightclub Bahama Mamas.

Before Maisonette 9 and Hercules, Tony ran several other high-profile clubs, which have all been shut down for various reasons, either by burning down or Tony's violation of city ordinances. According to Luis, Tony first earned his nickname in 1987, when he became openly gay. In 2005, "Gay Tony" hired Luis as a bouncer for Hercules, developing a father-son-like relationship, eventually giving Luis minority ownership in his clubs, although Tony later admits that he only hired Luis for "dumb muscle".

Tony's days on top have passed, as he is in debt to several individuals throughout the city, particularly to the Ancelotti Crime Family. He relies mostly on Luis to settle these debts by doing favors for his creditors. He is also a drug addict, regularly abusing cocaine and prescription medication, supplied by Evan Moss, his boyfriend, and Gracie Ancelotti, daughter of Don Giovanni Ancelotti. In an attempt to settle his debts once and for all, Tony buys $2 million worth of diamonds from a ship cook; however, this leads to unwanted attention from several criminal groups around the city, including the Lost MC, the McReary Mob, and Ray Bulgarin, the diamonds' true owner.

Towards the end of the game, Maisonette 9 and Hercules are shut down by the city after Tony had neglected to pay taxes on the clubs, preoccupied with "half the city" threatening to kill him.

Inspirations for "Gay Tony's" character may include Steve Rubell, owner of Studio 54, or Peter Gatien, owner of The Limelight. Maisonette 9 bears an uncanny resemblance to New York City club Bungalow 8. Amy Sacco, the owner of Bungalow 8, makes a voice-only cameo as Larissa Slalom, a rival nightclub owner, for an interview in the in-game radio programme "Fizz", calling "Gay Tony" a loser at the end of the interview.

Tony Prince is voiced by D.B. Cooper.

Yusuf Amir[edit]

Introduced in: "Chinese Takeout"

Yusuf Amir (Arabic: يوسف أمير) is a property developer from Dubai living in Liberty City and business partner/friend of Luis Fernando Lopez. He owns several high end properties in Liberty City and has plans to eventually buy the whole city. He is first mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV by Playboy X, who orders Niko to eliminate the Mafia holding up Yusuf's construction site and then in GTA TBoGT's mission-Chinese Takeout.

He is obsessed with material things, and goes to great lengths in attempts to impress his father, Abdul Amir-عبدل امير, a successful, yet humble businessman who is disappointed by his son's hedonistic lifestyle. He frequently has his personal possessions painted or plated gold, such as an Uzi, his cell phone, as well as a scale model of Algonquin. He also uses racial slurs quite liberally, to Luis' discontent. He has a strong appetite for cocaine, fancy champagne, prostitutes, as well as all excess in general. His favorite song, Busta Rhymes' 'Arab Money', is usually playing during every cutscene within his apartment.

He sends Luis on dangerous missions to acquire certain vehicles for him, such as an experimental heavy attack helicopter called the "Buzzard" (which he later paints gold) owned by a South African arms dealer and smuggler named Frickie Van Hardenburg, an armoured assault vehicle belonging to N.O.O.S.E., and a LTA subway car for a Liberty City-theme hotel. During these missions, Luis asks Yusuf why he can't simply buy the vehicles with his extreme wealth with Yusuf stating that he wants the stolen vehicles for "authenticity". Towards the end of the game, Yusuf gives Luis his gold-painted "Super Drop Diamond" luxury convertible, the Buzzard and a gold-plated Sub Machine Gun as gifts. In the game's final mission, Yusuf gives Luis air support in the Buzzard as he races to Francis International Airport to stop Ray Bulgarin. During the finale of The Ballad Of Gay Tony, Yusuf and Abdul intend to franchise Tony's nightclubs, though Tony politely refuses and all of them-Luis Lopez, Tony Prince and Yusuf Amir celebrate winning after Luis killed Timur and ray Bulgarian and the Russian mafia from flying to Russia and escaping. Yusuf was voiced by Omid Djalili.


Ray Bulgarin[edit]

Ray Bulgarin (Russian: Родислав Бoлгарин) is a powerful Russian crime lord, the Pakhan of the Bulgarin Family and the main antagonist of the game. He is allied with Liberty City Bratva boss Dimitri Rascalov, the main antagonist of GTA IV.

Believing that everything has a price, he is an art connoisseur and a collector of both music and sports memorabilia, even going as far as wanting to own the Liberty City Rampage pro hockey team. He also enjoys jam sessions with his loyal but humourless henchman, Timur. Bulgarin recruits Luis to help him acquire the L.C. Rampage by force from current team owner Marki Ashvilli after formal negotiations fall through, first by killing corrupt police officers on Ashvilli's payroll and then killing mark Ashvilli himself.

When Bulgarin discovers that his diamonds were stolen by the Platypus cook and later sold to "Gay Tony" and Luis, Bulgarin betrays Luis and vows to assassinate him and Tony by killing the cook and placing his head in a box. Bulgarin later breaks up the hostage exchange, where his diamonds were being exchanged for Gracie Ancelotti, at Charge Island's water treatment plant between the two parties of Luis, Gay Tony, Patrick McReary and Niko Bellic. 10 years prior to the events of the game, Niko worked for Bulgarin in the human trafficking ring in Eastern Europe; however, one of Bulgarin's ships sank in the Adriatic Sea, and Niko was blamed for the loss of its human cargo. It was likely that Bulgarin learned of the hostage exchange from. Dimitri Rascalov, who was looking to have Niko assassinated. Intending on killing both Luis and Niko for their past "betrayals", Bulgarin orders his men attack everyone; however, Tony and Luis manage to flee with Gracie. Niko and his accomplice Packie McReary also manage to survive Bulgarin's attack; however, both they and Bulgarin end up losing the diamonds for good after one of Bulgarin's henchmen drops the diamonds into a passing truck.

After the diamond fiasco, Bulgarin meets with Don Giovanni Ancelotti, and both agree that they are owed the body of Tony Prince, who was deemed responsible for the whole diamond situation. When Luis refuses to kill Tony and kills Vince Pelosi instead, Bulgarin's men attack Maisonette 9, however they both survive. In "Departure Time", Luis destroys a large shipment of heroin belonging to the Russians while it is being moved in Firefly Island. Timur, who was overlooking the heroin shipment, tells Luis that Bulgarin is on a private jet at Francis International Airport, preparing to leave for Europe. Luis kills Timur and races to the airport before Bulgarin takes off. After Luis gets on the plane and kills Bulgarin's bodyguards, Bulgarin emerges from the cockpit holding a live grenade in his hand, threatening to kill both himself and Luis. Luis executes Bulgarin, and the grenade detonates, ripping off the front of the jet; however, Luis manages to survive and parachutes to the Monoglobe in Meadows Park and meets tony and Yusuf Amir. And the credits start after the game ended.

Ray Bulgarin is voiced by Vitali Baganov.

Preceded by
Billy Grey
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned
Main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Succeeded by
Devin Weston , Steve Haines , Wei Cheng and Stretch
Grand Theft Auto V

Rocco Pelosi[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Rocco Pelosi is an antagonist of "The Ballad of Gay Tony". He is a small-time gangster and loan shark, working for the Ancelotti Crime Family to whom "Gay Tony" owes money. He often works with an older gangster, named Uncle Vince. He looks down on Luis and Tony, with Rocco and Luis often trading racial insults. Luis and Tony believe that Rocco is a wannabe gangster who is out of his league.

Rocco orders Tony and Luis to do criminal favors for him to lessen the debt, but he only allows a little to be erased and constantly puts the squeeze on Tony. This drives Tony to purchase smuggled diamonds in hopes of paying off the Ancelottis, but it only attracts unwanted attention from other criminals that leads to Gracie Ancelotti's kidnapping. A furious Don Giovanni Ancelotti blames Rocco for coming down too hard on Tony, and he is further angered when powerful Russian mobster Ray Bulgarin claims the diamonds are rightfully his and that he plans to eliminate whoever was involved in the circumstances leading to their purchase.

A desperate Rocco contacts Luis and asks him to kill Tony, as presenting the Don with a body would appease everyone and it would give Luis control of the clubs. At a nightclub, Rocco, Vince, Luis and Tony meet up and both Rocco and Vince try to convince Luis to kill Tony. At the last moment, Luis ultimately sides with Tony and kills Vince. Rocco is spared because he is a made man and then leaves the club, just as Bulgarin's henchmen arrive and is never seen nor heard of again, suggesting he left Liberty City due to the fact that the Ancelottis have refused to protect him after the mess with the diamonds and Tony. Also, Rocco's post-game voice-mail message suggests that he has left Liberty City to "lie low" for a while.

Rocco returns in Grand Theft Auto V, where he has become a corrupt talenting agent who forces famous actors to run away from their scheduled upcoming movies and blackmail the studios into buying them out. He tries a similar blackmailing scheme on movie producer Solomon Richards. In response, Richards sends former bank robber and fan Michael De Santa to return the actor and director and beat up Pelosi for his schemes. Michael does so. Later, Michael witness Rocco and his associate Gianni beating up Richards. Seeing De Santa, the pair flee and Richards orders Michael to kill them. Michael chases and kills Gianni and then Rocco.

Rocco Pelosi is voiced by Greg Siff.

Vincenzo Pelosi[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Killed in: "Party's Over"

Vincenzo Pelosi (a.k.a. Uncle Vince) is the uncle of Rocco Pelosi. Nothing is known about his status in Ancelotti family. He is killed by Luis when he hands him a gun and instructs him to kill "Gay Tony". However, Luis shoots him in his skull instead, then tells Rocco that he had "second thoughts". As Luis is about to kill Rocco, Tony talks him out of it, stating that Rocco is a made man and that there would be very serious consequences. Then Rocco escapes Liberty City and flees to Los Santos, however killed later after 5 years by Michael De Santa.

Vincenzo Pelosi is voiced by John Tormey, whom he strongly resembles by his appearance.

Mori Kibbutz[edit]

Introduced in: "Kibbutz Number One"

Mori Kibbutz (Hebrew: מורי קיבוץ) is a business entrepreneur and elder brother to Bruce Kibbutz. Tony owes money to Mori and is unable to pay off his debts monetarily, forcing Luis to do work for Mori to pay off this debt. Mori is extremely condescending to his younger brother because of his own looks, intellect, and success. Mori claims to have gained his muscle naturally (whereas Brucie takes steroids), is said to have been accepted into two Ivy League schools and has made investments that have made him very wealthy. He is also an adrenaline junkie (going as far as to call the cops on himself during a race just to "make it more interesting") and his behaviour displeases Luis and Brucie, eventually pushing Brucie over the edge. Brucie breaks Mori's nose, which gives Brucie a new sense of empowerment as well as killing Mori's ego. During the end credits, both Mori and Brucie are seen fighting in a LC Cage Fighters match. A post-game phone call reveals that Mori returned to his place to run a kibbutz for profit.

Mori is voiced by Jeff Gurner.

Armando Torres[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Armando Torres is a street-level drug dealer and childhood friend of Luis. He employs his other childhood friend, Henrique Bardas, as his bodyguard, and hopes to one day form his own drug distribution ring. He can be called upon to sell Luis cheap weapons from the back of his SUV. As Armando's mother abandoned him as a child, he suffers from child abandonment issues, and this is reflected in his behavior towards his close friends, to Henrique's dismay, who constantly complains that Armando is 'too clingy' towards him. Armando learnt to swim as an adult. Armando, along with Henrique, do drug wars, a side mission in which Luis haves an option to do.

Armando Torres is voiced by Jaime Fernandez.

Henrique Bardas[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Henrique Bardas is a partner of Armando Torres, and a childhood friend of Luis. Henrique is the muscle of the crew, while Armando is the brains. He can be called upon to deliver vehicles to Luis. Henrique has referred to his IQ as being only 76, and as a result he has never been able to land a legitimate job, forcing him to turn to crime to support himself. Henrique, along with Armando, do drug wars,a side mission in which Luis have an option to do

Henrique Bardas is voiced by J. Salome Martinez, Jr..


Introduced in: "Boulevard Baby"

Killed in: "Departure Time"

Timur (Russian: Тимур) was the right-hand man, friend and bodyguard of Ray Bulgarin and an antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is seen playing a guitar (which relaxes him when he is nervous) in some cutscenes for Bulgarin's missions. Timur dislikes Luis (who in turn dislikes Timur and calls him "Timmy") and especially Tony, whom he calls a "fag master". His over-serious attitude to his job annoys Luis and, to some extent, Ray. He assists Luis Lopez to parachute and land on a building to kill Marki Ashvilli, the owner of the Liberty City Rampage Hockey Team. In "Departure Time", Timur is overseeing a large shipment of heroin belonging to Bulgarin in Firefly Island; however, the drugs are destroyed by Luis who also kills all of Bulgarin's henchmen. Timur mentions that Bulgarin is leaving Liberty City in two hours and that he will hunt down Tony and Luis as revenge before being killed by Luis.

Timur is voiced by Glenn Fleshler.

Supporting characters[edit]

Adriana Yanira Lopez[edit]

Introduced in: "Momma's Boy"

Adriana Yanira Lopez is a Dominican who resides in Northwood and is the mother of Luis Fernando Lopez, Leta Lopez-Wilkinson and Ernesto Lopez. She is also like a mother figure to Luis' close friends Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas. Mr. Santo, a loan shark, gave her a loan and Luis was forced to go back to cage fighting in order to pay off her debt. Her husband (Mr. Lopez) joined the Marine Corps, then ran out on her whilst two of her kids went off to start families. She is somewhat hypocritical, damning Luis' nightclub job, telling him to go back to school, but takes the money Luis gives to her, claiming that she has lost her own job therefore having no other choice but to take his money, she however dislikes Luis and tells him that drugs kill people, but Luis don't care. Adriana likes Armando and Henrique more than her real son Luis but her likes and dislikes about Ernesto and Leta is unknown but it is claimed that Ernesto likes his father and hates Luis and even tells his own children that he Luis is dead unlike Leta, she hates her father . Adriana was voiced by Lucia Armendariz.

Brucie Kibbutz[edit]

Introduced in: "Chinese Takeout"

Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz is a character also featured in GTA IV. He acts as one of Niko Bellic's employers and allies. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Brucie is revealed to have an older brother, Mori. Mori always picks on Brucie which leads him to his wild lifestyle and steroid abuse. Brucie is, at one point, seen starting to cry after Mori abuses him (specifically after Mori defeats him in a game of chess by cheating). In Mori's final mission, "No. 3". Brucie decides he has had enough of Mori's abuse and breaks his nose and pretends that that was a mistake. Brucie is also seen dancing with Roman Bellic and two women in Maisonette 9 and even tries to kiss Luis but Luis pushes him. Then not appeared again in TBoGT.

Gracie Ancelotti[edit]

Introduced in: "Blog This!..."

Grace "Gracie" Ancelotti is the daughter of the Ancelotti Crime Family Don Giovanni Ancelotti. She is friends with Tony prince and hangs out with him on a regular basis. It is insinuated that she may be responsible for Tony's cocaine addiction. She is friendly to Luis and seems somewhat insulted that he doesn't hit on her. Luis states that he does not date mob bosses' daughters after Dani Lupisella, daughter of Lupisella Crime Family boss Mark Lupisella, threatened to have Luis castrated when he broke up with her. She is kidnapped by Niko Bellic and Packie McReary as ransom for the diamonds. After Tony and Luis rescue Gracie and don't attempt to kill Niko and Packie in revenge for the kidnapping, she gets in a rage and tells Luis and Tony to kill them but Luis knocks her unconscious, mirroring the scene in GTA IV in which Niko does the same. After that, Luis states that he wants nothing to do with her again and she never appears in TBoGT.

Ahmed Khalil[edit]

Introduced in: "Sexy Time"

Killed in: "High Dive"

Ahmed Khalil is a rich friend of Yusuf Amir who first meets Luis after he destroys Frickie Van Hardenburg's yacht on Yusuf's orders. After retrieving the Buzzard for Amir, the two agree to arrange a meeting on the Rotterdam Tower's observation deck in which he and another associate plan to double cross Amir to the cops in order to take over his business. Luis, however, attends the meeting in Yusuf's place and is ambushed by the cops after killing Tahir, Ahmed's associate. After a short battle with police, Luis corners Ahmed on top of the skyscraper's spire, where he gives Luis a parachute and assures him that the police are not after him. Luis, nonetheless, scares Ahmed off the spire, falling to his death.Yusuf tells Luis that he gave him whatever he wanted but Luis tells him that money ain't enough sometimes.

Evan Moss[edit]

Introduced in: "Bang Bang"

Killed during: "Frosting on the Cake"

Evan Moss is the on-again, off-again boyfriend of "Gay Tony". He is a male model and in his younger days, he was a body builder in his native Arizona. Luis has a particular disliking of Evan, believing that he is contributing to Tony's drug addiction and financial problems and knocks him out in Bang Bang. He is killed by Johnny Klebitz after being shot out of a limo after the botched diamond deal and Johnny takes the diamonds and gives them to Ray Boccino. However the diamond story did not ended but has just started.

Roman Bellic[edit]

Introduced in: "Chinese Takeout"

Roman Bellic is Niko Bellic's cousin. He is first seen in the mission "Chinese Takeout" dancing with Brucie Kibbutz and two women at Maisonette 9. He is later seen again at Maisonette 9 trying to get into the club and then, eventually, gets let in. Finally, Roman is seen again with Brucie trying to get into Maisonette 9. Brucie uses his friendship with Luis to get them into the club and he is not seen again as he was a week character in TBoGT but important in GTA IV.

Roman Bellic was voiced by Jason Zumwalt.

Johnny Klebitz[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Johnny Klebitz is the protagonist of The Lost and Damned and is the vice-president of the Lost Motorcycle Club. Johnny is seen on three occasions; first, he is seen riding his custom hexer by Chinatown near the robbed bank, second, at the first diamond deal between the chef and Tony and kills Evan, and third, at the museum diamond deal. Johnny later returns in Grand Theft Auto V in which he is brutally murdered in a fit of rage by Trevor Philips.

Johnny is voiced by Scott hill

Packie McReary[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Patrick "Packie" McReary is a member of the McReary Family and an employer and friend of Niko Bellic. He is first seen during the bank job when steeling the bank and his partner Michael Keane was killed by Eugene Reaper, and then Niko, Packie and Derrick Mcreary kills Eugene, then at the diamond/Gracie Ancelotti exchange on Charge Island, after being followed by Luis and Tony in a helicopter. In the end credits there is a scene of Packie heading into the airport and later a scene of a plane leaving, alleging that Packie McReary has finally decided to visit "the old country", which he mentions to Niko on an outing in GTA IV. But he appears in GTA V only if selected to the heist.

Isaac Roth[edit]

Introduced in: "Not So Fast"

Isaac Roth is a Diamond dealer and the head of the Jewish Mob. He is seen trying to buy the diamonds from Johnny Klebitz and Niko Bellic in the museum. After Luis ambushes the deal and kills Mori Green, Isaac's right hand man, he takes the diamonds and hides under a table. Luis finds him and Isaac tries to convince Luis to help him escape by splitting the diamonds. Luis, however, knocks him out with his rifle and steals back the diamonds. He is later killed in the Majestic hotel by Niko Bellic, after threatening to have Ray Boccino, Niko's boss at the time of the diamond exchange, killed. Isaac's girlfriend can be killed


Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Dessie is the second bouncer at Maisonette 9. Dessie is known as the hardest doorman in Liberty City and has been offered to be the doorman at other nightclubs in other countries. If Luis doesn't bounce enough at the club then Dessie will call Luis. Dessie also appears in the in-game radio show Integrity 2.0, where he refuses to let Lazlow and Jorge enter the club.

The Cook[edit]

Introduced in: "Frosting On The Cake"

Killed before: "In The Crosshairs"

The Cook is the head chef for The Platypus, the ship that Niko Bellic arrived in Liberty City on. The Cook has acquired an assortment of rough diamonds (which are later revealed to have been stolen from Bulgarin) and plans to sell them to "Gay Tony". The diamond deal is botched, however, by Johnny Klebitz and members of The Lost MC. The diamonds are taken by Johnny after gunning down Evan Moss, Tony Prince's boyfriend, who made off with them. Bulgarin later finds and beheads The Cook as revenge for stealing his diamonds and as an attempt to intimidate Luis and "Gay Tony".


Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Troy is the doorman at gay nightclub Hercules even though he is not gay himself. When Tony appears at the Club, Troy will ask to talk to him and usually complains to Luis when he comes to the Club about that he is going to have a documentary made about him.

Abdulah Amir[edit]

Introduced in: "Caught with Your Pants Down"

Abdul Amir is an Arab businessman and property developer and the father of Yusuf Amir. Unlike his son, Abdul is a modest and traditional businessman. Abdul looks down on his son's wild and hedonistic lifestyle, feeling that Yusuf is too immature to take on his legacy. During a visit, he catches Yusuf not wearing pants and partaking in cocaine and a prostitute's services. However, at the end of the game, Mr. Amir shows interest in franchising "Gay Tony's" nightclubs.

Minor characters[edit]


Joni is the security manager at Maisonette 9. She guides Luis when he works as a bouncer at the club. She occasionally calls Luis into the Manager's office and offers him sexual favors including anal sex, oral sex, and a dance tease. When Luis changes into his bouncer suit, Joni often makes comments about his penis size. And once in a bloon mood, Joni goes in the men's bathroom and has sex with Luis and Luis says "Join what you want some attention I'll give you some attention" and Luis says to turn around and Luis makes Joni hump Luis for attention.

Mr. Santo[edit]

Introduced/Can be killed in: "Momma's Boy"

Mr. Santo is a loan shark whom Luis' mother owes money to. He is quite respectful to Mrs. Lopez but tells Luis in private that he would have burned down her house already if she wasn't so friendly. He forces Luis to compete in an organized fighting ring in order to pay off his mother's debts. Mr. Santo tells Luis to take a dive during the third match against an opponent he had faced in the past. If Luis takes the dive, Mr. Santo forgives Mrs. Lopez' debt, later helping out with her shopping; however, she berates Luis for taking the dive. If Luis takes down the third opponent, Mr. Santo draws a knife against Luis and threatens to burn his mother's apartment, forcing Luis to kill him.


Introduced/Killed in: "Frosting on the Cake"

Costas is one of Tony Prince's limo drivers for the diamond deal in Broker. Costas is killed by a police officer on the Algonquin side of the Algonquin Bridge as he is driving Tony and Luis away from the Lost MC. Costas is a mix of Greek and Latin American.

Billy Grey[edit]

Introduced in: "Chinese Takeout"

Billy Grey is the President of the Lost MC in Alderney. He is seen discussing business with a Triad lieutenant, leaving the Triad's club as "Gay Tony" and Luis were walking in. It is revealed that Billy Grey had arranged a deal with the Triads to kill Johnny Klebitz and Jim Fitzgerald during the heroin exchange between the Triads and the Lost.

Triad boss[edit]

Introduced in: "Chinese Takeout"

Rocco tells Gay Tony and Luis to go to the Dragon Heart Plaza in Chinatown to talk to a Triad boss about acquiring a liquor license for a club he plans to open. When Tony states that he cannot get the license for the Triads, with Luis stating that he and Tony can barely keep their licenses for their own clubs, the Triad boss becomes furious and draws a pistol on him and Luis. Luis knocks him out; however, the gun discharges, alerting the other Triads, and Luis and Gay Tony are forced to shoot their way out of the Dragon Heart Plaza.

Messina Union official[edit]

Introduced/Can be killed in: "Practice Swing"

At the start of "Practice Swing", "Gay Tony" tells Luis to drive to the driving range on the West River to meet with Rocco. At the driving range, Rocco has a LTA Union official working for the Messina Family tied to a caged golf cart, attempting to extract information from him by hitting golf balls at him. After Rocco gets information from the Union official, Messina enforcers arrive and attempt to kill Rocco. Luis helps Rocco kill the enforcers, and they manage to outrun the Messinas in golf carts. If the Union official survives the shootout, Rocco takes him home to get more information. If the Union official dies during the mission, Rocco will complain that he can't get any more information from him and go dump the body.

Eugene Reaper[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "I Luv LC"

Eugene Reaper is the man who is beside Luis Lopez in the Bank of Liberty branch that Niko and the McReary Irish mob are robbing in I Luv LC. During the robbery, he informs Luis that he is a member of a gun club and plans to stand up against the robbers. When Luis says that it's not a good idea, Reaper tells him that "the world is built out of bad ideas", sharing an anecdote from his prep football days. When Packie and Derrick start to have a petty argument, he takes advantage of their lack of concentration on him, pulls his gun out and shoots Michael Keane, killing him. In retaliation, Packie shoots Reaper dead. In-game media later credit him as a hero.

Derrick McReary[edit]

Introduced in: "I Luv LC"

Derrick McReary is a member of the McReary Irish Mob and the eldest McReary brother. He assists Niko, his younger brother Packie, and Michael Keane during the bank robbery as an explosives expert. When Derrick enters the bank lobby after setting PE4 charges on the bank vault, he attempts to keep the hostages calm, accidentally revealing that he and Packie are brothers, resulting in an argument between the two. During their argument, one the hostages, Eugene Reaper, attempts to stand up against the McReary mob by killing their accomplice Michael Keane, with McRearys killing Reaper in retaliation. The McReary brothers and Niko manage to steal $1,000,000 and evade the LCPD and NOOSE, with Luis almost being run over by the trio shortly after the robbery.

Michael Keane[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "I Luv LC"

Michael Keane is an accomplice to the McReary Irish mob during the Bank of Liberty robbery. During the robbery, Keane was shot dead by hostage Eugene Reaper after the Packie and Derrick were distracted by an argument. After the robbery, Packie gives Michael's share of the stolen money to his family.

Marki Ashvilli[edit]

Introduced/killed in: "Dropping In..."

Marki Ashvilli (Russian:Марки Ашвили, Georgian: მარქი აშვილი) is an Eastern European businessman and the owner of the Liberty City Rampage professional ice hockey team. In a Weazel News report, Ashvilli comes under scrutiny for his supposed dealings with Russian criminals and for speculation of selling the team. Ray Bulgarin makes an offer to buy the Rampage from him; however, he refuses to sell the team to Bulgarin. Ashvilli attempts to have Bulgarin arrested by using crooked LCPD, NOOSE, and FIB officers to plant evidence in Bulgarin's car, however Luis, Bulgarin, and Timur thwart the plot. After negotiations fall through, Bulgarin orders Luis to infiltrate the MeTV Building and kill Ashvilli. When Ashvilli is confronted by Luis, he believes that The Kremlin sent Luis to assassinate him. Ashvilli is knocked through the window of his boardroom, falling to his death. The Liberty Tree states that Ashvilli is Russian; however, his surname suggests that he is Georgian.

Frickie Van Hardenburg[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "Sexy Time"

Frickie Van Hardenburg is a South African trafficker of arms, drugs and human beings. Luis Lopez, on the orders of Yusuf Amir, is sent to Van Hardenburg's yacht to steal his Buzzard, an extremely powerful prototype attack helicopter. After Luis steals the helicopter, Yusuf then orders him to use it to destroy the yacht, killing most everyone on board. Some of the surviving crew try to escape on speedboats, but Luis chases them down and kills them.

It should be noted that the first name given to him by the Liberty Tree is not grammatically correct, as the letter "C" is not used in Afrikaans. His real name would, therefore, be Frikkie.

Tahir Saaed[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "High Dive"

Tahir Saaed is the right hand man of Ahmed. He and Ahmed plan to sell out Yusuf Amir to the police in order to take over his business, but Saeed is killed when Luis, who is taking Yusuf's place in the meeting, tosses him over the top of the Rotterdam Tower's observation deck, where he dies after falling onto a taxi.

Tahir was voiced by Oscar De La Fe Colon who also voiced Vic Manzano.

Vic Manzano[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "Boulevard Baby"

Victor "Vic" Manzano is the owner of the Bahama Mamas nightclub, of which "Gay Tony" holds a minority stake. He is wanted by both Liberty City and Las Venturas police department for his illegal activities. Luis is instructed to go the club by Rocco to "talk" to Monique, the nightclub's manager and Vic's girlfriend, to get information from Vic, who was thought to be in Venturas at the time. When Vic enters his office unexpectedly and finds Monique giving fellatio to Luis, he knocks Monique out and threatens Luis at gunpoint. Luis kills Manzano, setting off a violent shootout between him and the club's security. Bahama Mamas is shut down afterward and is inaccessible for the rest of the game.

Vic was voiced by Oscar De La Fe Colon who also voiced Tahir Saaed.


Introduced/Can be killed in: "Boulevard Baby"

Monique is the club manager of Bahama Mamas and the girlfriend of Vic Manzano. Monique was also, at one time, a girlfriend of Luis; however, she broke up with him when she caught him having an affair with her roommate. Rocco tells Luis to see Monique to get information from Vic. Luis manages to seduce her again, and she leads him to the club's office and performs oral sex on him. When Vic shows up unexpectedly, Monique tries to explain the situation to Vic; however, he knocks her out. It is unknown what happened to Monique after the shootout, although sometimes she is seen running out of the club when the shootout starts.

The Celebinator[edit]

Introduced in: "...Blog This!"

The Celebinator is a high-profile Irish blogger in Liberty City. On his blog, he slanders "Gay Tony" and Luis, implying that they have a homosexual relationship, and gives a bad write-up about Maisonette 9 and Hercules, threatening Tony's already anemic income. To intimidate the blogger, "Gay Tony" arranges a helicopter ride above the Statue of Happiness, in which Luis delivers a beating on "The Celebinator" before throwing him out. He then jumps out of the helicopter, catching "The Celebinator" in mid-air and parachuting to safety on Happiness Island. After the traumatic episode, to the point where "The Celebinator" defecates in his pants, he writes a more positive post about "Gay Tony" and his nightclubs and writes a slam article on the Statue of Happiness. He is a parody of real-life celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Jerry Kapowitz[edit]

Introduced in: "Departure Time"

Jerry Kapowitz is a homeless Vietnam War veteran in Liberty City. After escaping from Bulgarin's destroyed jet, Luis bumps into Kapowitz in Meadows Park before meeting up with "Gay Tony". After Luis helps him up, Kapowitz discovers the pouch which held Bulgarin's diamonds. When over 100 people contest ownership of the diamonds, Mayor Ochoa allows Kapowitz to keep the proceeds from the diamonds' sale. With his new-found wealth, Kapowitz plans to open a gun shop and liquor store in Vice City. Jerry Kapowitz is seen in GTA IV during the mission "Clean Getaway", in which Vlad Glebov threatens him after he asks for money.

Other celebrities[edit]

All introduced in the Club Management side missions

In the "Club Management" mini-missions, Luis must escort and/or cater to high profile celebrities attending Tony's clubs. They are, in order:

  • Clay "Pain Giver" Jackson — A gangster rap superstar who is secretly gay, and wants Tony to have someone escort him and his boyfriend (hiding from paparazzi inside a tinted PMP 600) out of the Hercules parking lot. His character may have been inspired by the book Hiding in Hip-Hop, which suggested a handful of prominent black male recording artists in concealed gay relationships.
  • Kerry McIntosh — An anorexic supermodel somewhat in the likeness of Kate Moss who orders food from the Iron Belly Deli in Bohan, bad smelling enough so that she can throw up easily. After Luis picks up the order, Ms. McIntosh's personal assistant Danni calls him several times en route to the club. She is previously referenced on the radio and internet in Grand Theft Auto IV, where she made tabloid headlines for numerous breakdowns. She reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, where she harassed by Trevor Philips, who was looking to collect the collar from Kerry's dog for an eccentric British couple looking to collect Vinewood souvenirs.
  • English Prince — An unnamed Prince of England, set to inherit the throne. He wants to spend a night with Korean prostitutes. He is a parody of Prince Harry.
  • Poppy Mitchell — A beloved child actress concealing a party-hard lifestyle. She asks Luis to escort her out of Maisonette 9 without paparazzi bothering her, which Luis outrageously solves by stealing a fire truck and spraying the cameramen away, and their conversation suggests that they occasionally have casual sex. She reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, where Franklin Clinton and paparazzo Beverly Felton catch her having sex with another teen star, and Franklin later photographs Poppy getting arrested for DWI by the Los Santos police department.
  • Cloe Parker — An American heiress and celebutante. She is a friend and good customer of "Gay Tony" who must be driven from Maisonette 9 to her family's mansion when drunk. During the ride home, she makes several embarrassing drunken sexual advances toward Luis and also refers to her vagina as "Puss Puss". Her name is taken from Nicole Richie's pseudonym in her semi-autobiography The Truth About Diamonds. Like the character Kerry McIntosh, Cloe Parker is shown in the in-game media previously, particularly in the television show I'm Rich.
  • Al Di Napoli — A retired tough-guy Italian actor, somewhat in the likeness of Robert De Niro, who mistakenly finds his way into Hercules. He is working furiously on a comeback, and must begin with Burlesque Theater performances - where he asks to be taken. On the way, he wants to buy drugs and is nearly arrested by police, until Luis outruns them. Di Napoli reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, where he is kidnapped by Trevor Philips for the same British couple for whom he collected Vinewood souvenirs. Trevor then has the option to murder Di Napoli with a freight train or let him go.
  • Blue Brothers — Consisting of twin brothers Billy and Bobby Blue, they are underage teen pop performers who portray themselves as clean-living by wearing purity rings, but drink and have sex in their private lives. Luis must escort the duo from the MeTV Building to Maisonette 9 whilst being chased by adoring and obsessed female fans. Luis claims that he's only helping them out because his niece is a fan of theirs. They are a parody of the Jonas Brothers while their name is a reference to The Blues Brothers.

Random characters[edit]

  • Arnaud — A middle-aged French man. In his first encounter, Luis and Arnaud have a conversation about France, America, and women near Star Junction. He asks Luis to take him to a massage spa in Chinatown for an appointment, which Luis agrees to. In his second encounter, Luis finds Arnaud beaten up in Bohan after a wild night with Brazilian prostitutes. Arnaud asks Luis to find the prostitutes' pimp, as he had stolen his wallet. Luis finds and kills the pimp and returns Arnaud's wallet, then Luis drops him off in a relatively safer part of town.
  • Daisie Cash-Cooze — A London debutante. During her first visit to Liberty City, she developed a cocaine addition and slept with Luis. Luis finds her years later at Maisonette 9. She tells Luis that she gave a hand job to homosexual action star Chris Hunt, and he plans on leaking the video online to make everyone believe that he is straight. Worried that her fiance Bertie will find out, she asks Luis to help find Hunt via Bleeter. After several false leads, Luis and Daisie find Hunt in Star Junction, where he is supposedly premiering his latest movie, which turns out to be the sex tape of him and Daisie. Despite this, Daisie later e-mails Luis, thanking him for his help and tells him that she and Bertie are still getting married. She often confuses Luis with her liberal use of British slang (such as the pejoratives "twat," "bugger," and "slapper" etc.).
  • Margot — An ex-girlfriend of Luis. A year prior to the game's events, she and Luis were dating; however, he ended the relationship. Margot became obsessed with Luis to the point where she becomes suicidal. In her first encounter outside Hercules, she tells Luis that she severely overdosed on painkillers and sleeping pills; however, he takes her to the emergency room to get her stomach pumped. In her second encounter, she is seen hanging over the second storey railing at Pier 45, ready to jump. Luis pleads with Margot to come to her senses, but she jumps to her death with a note saying 'Luis pushed me'. A group of bystanders believe that Luis did push her off, forcing him to outrun an angry mob and the police.

Off-screen characters[edit]

Giovanni Ancelotti[edit]

Giovanni Ancelotti is the Don of the Ancelotti family and the father of Gracie Ancelotti. When Gracie is kidnapped by the McReary mob, he believes it is because of the diamonds and points the blame at "Gay Tony" and Luis. Therefore, Don Ancelotti orders the two to find Gracie and trade the diamonds to the kidnappers, threatening to have both of them killed if they don't. When Ray Bulgarin claims ownership of the lost diamonds, Don Ancelotti meets with him, and both agree that they are owed the body of Tony Prince, as he was deemed responsible for the whole diamond situation. Bulgarin's men attack Maisonette 9 and attempt to kill "Gay Tony" and Luis; however, Luis and Tony defended Maisonette 9 and thwarts the attack. The Ancelotti family is not mentioned again after Luis kills Bulgarin.

Ernesto Lopez and Leta Lopez-Wilkinson[edit]

Ernesto Lopez and Leta Lopez-Wilkinson are Luis' siblings. Both had moved from Liberty City to the suburbs to start their own families. Luis mainly communicates with them via e-mail.

Ernesto is an accountant and criticizes Luis' lifestyle, believing that he is a pimp and "drug-dealing trash". Ernesto is not well liked by his siblings as Luis criticizes him for failing to contact their mother regularly as well as assisting her financially. Leta married a white man and works in human resources. She and Luis have a healthier relationship; she is not as critical as Ernesto and her mother about Luis' lifestyle but still worries about him. When Leta was younger, she was sexually harassed by her teacher, and Luis was sent to juvenile hall for shooting him.

Galina Bulgarin[edit]

Galina Bulgarin (Russian:Галина Булгарина) is Ray Bulgarin's sister. She complains about how her brother mistreats her and how he clutters her house with his sports and music memorabilia. During a mission briefing, Ray shoots the ceiling with an AK-47 to silence Galina; however, she manages to survive.

Galina was voiced by Ara Mot.

Mr. Lopez[edit]

Mr. Lopez is the father of Luis, Ernesto and Leta Lopez and the husband of Adriana Lopez, he abandoned his family when his kids were still young and worked as a soldier, some photos on the wall in Luis's apartment are appearing to be him.

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