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Luis María Bandrés (Basque: Luis Mari Bandrés) (February 18, 1944 Pasaia - December 2, 2009) was a Spanish politician who served as the leader of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV).[1]

Bandrés was born on February 18, 1944, and was a native of Pasaia, Guipúzcoa.[1] He worked as a professor at the la Escuela Universitaria de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales in San Sebastián from 1965 until 1969.[1]

Bandrés was described as a Basque nationalist.[1] He served as the Minister of Culture within the Basque government of José María Ardanza, as well as the Guipúzcoa Provincial Council.[1] He became a Basque parliamentarian as a member of the Basque Nationalist Party and the party's executive leader in Guipúzcoa.[1] He later became the leader of the Basque National Party (PNV) and continued to serve in that capacity until his death in 2009.[1]

Luis María Bandrés died on December 2, 2009, after a long illness at the age of 65.[1] His funeral was held at Santa María parish in San Sebastian.[1]


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