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Luís Marques Mendes
EPP Summit 21 June 2007 - European People's Party (cropped).png
President of the Social Democratic Party
In office
8 April 2005 – 12 October 2007
Preceded by Pedro Santana Lopes
Succeeded by Luís Filipe Menezes
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
In office
6 April 2002 – 17 July 2004
Prime Minister José Manuel Barroso
Preceded by António Costa
Succeeded by Rui Gomes da Silva
Deputy Minister
In office
19 March 1992 – 28 October 1995
Prime Minister Aníbal Cavaco Silva
Preceded by António Couto dos Santos
Succeeded by Jorge Coelho
Personal details
Born (1957-11-05) 5 November 1957 (age 59)
Guimarães, Portugal
Political party Social Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Rosa Sofia Salazar
Children José Pedro
Ana Sofia
João Miguel
Alma mater University of Coimbra
Profession Lawyer

Luís Manuel Gonçalves Marques Mendes, GCIH (b. Guimarães, São Pedro de Azurém, 5 September 1957) is a Portuguese lawyer and politician, and a former Leader of the Social Democratic Party.


He is a son of António Marques Mendes and wife Maria Isabel Gonçalves.[1]


He is a Licentiate in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra.

He started his career as a lawyer.

As a member of the Social Democratic Party he became Secretary of State and Spokesman of the Government of Prof. Cavaco Silva. He has also been a Deputy to the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic.[2]

He was elected the Secretary-General of his Party in 2005 after Pedro Santana Lopes and was succeeded in September 2007 by Luís Filipe Menezes.

He is also a Member of the Portuguese Council of State, elected by the Assembly of the Republic.


He married in Guimarães, Vermil, on 24 April 1982, to Rosa Sofia Pinto Martins Salazar, born in Guimarães, Vermil, on 8 May 1957, a Licentiate in Modern Literatures and Languages (English and German), daughter of António Martins Fernandes Salazar (b. Guimarães, Vermil, Calçada, 19 May 1931), an Industrialist, one of the pioneers of the Ave, Subregion industrialization, and wife (m. Vila do Conde, São Miguel de Arcos, 21 April 1955) Berta da Silva Pinto (Penafiel, Penafiel, 23 May 1934 – Guimarães, Creixomil, 13 February 1995), and paternal granddaughter of José Fernandes Salazar (Guimarães, Vermil, 3 March 1890 – Porto, Miragaia, 1 December 1975), an Industrialist, one of the pioneers of the Ave, Subregion industrialization, and wife (m. Guimarães, Ronfe, 19 February 1925) Rosa Correia da Silva Martins (Guimarães, Ronfe, 2 January 1897 – Porto, Cedofeita, 31 August 1972). The couple has three children:[3]

  • João Pedro Pinto Salazar Marques Mendes (b. Fafe, Fafe, 2 January 1986)
  • Ana Sofia Pinto Salazar Marques Mendes (b. Fafe, Fafe, 10 April 1988)


Electoral history[edit]

PSD leadership election, 2006[edit]

Ballot: 5 May 2006
Candidate Votes %
Luís Marques Mendes
Blank Ballots
Invalid Ballots

PSD leadership election, 2007[edit]

Ballot: 28 September 2007
Candidate Votes %
Luís Filipe Menezes
Luís Marques Mendes
Blank/Invalid Ballots


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