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Luis Lisandro Roux Cabral (17 November 1913, in Montevideo[1] – 1973?) was an Uruguayan chess master.

Chess career[edit]

He won the Uruguayan Chess Championship twice, in 1948 and 1971,[2] and played for Uruguay in the Chess Olympiads of 1939, 1964 and 1966.[3]

"The Uruguayan Immortal"[edit]

In the Uruguay Championship of 1943, Roux Cabral defeated Molinari with a brilliant sacrificial attack; the combination is known as "The Uruguayan Immortal".[4] Fred Reinfeld annotated the game on pages 11–12 of the Chess Correspondent, May–June 1944. His final remark was: "A game destined for immortality."[5]


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